A Gorilla Bins Action Plan for Getting Your Home Winter Ready

The idea of spring cleaning seems to monopolize our thoughts when it comes to seasonal home maintenance. Nonetheless, preparing your home for winter should also be regarded as a pivotal event. Canadian winters are frigid, although known for their unsurpassable landscape and potential for unique outdoor experiences. Even so, they are also synonymous with the hibernation and the cozy warmth of indoors. However, before you embrace cocooning this winter, it’s essential to equip your home for the long months ahead. With the mercury plummeting, bitter cold and winter storms require that you have an action plan for getting your home ready for Jack Frost. Our team at Gorilla Bins recommends starting as soon as possible with these essential tips before the blast of winter hits home.

An Autumn Yard Cleanup

Despite the stunning foliage, the fiery hued leaves must eventually leave. The quintessential autumn task of clearing away leaves not only prepares your yard for the gruelling winter months ahead but also ensures a healthy lawn in the coming spring. There are two unique options that environmentalists are encouraging homeowners to consider.

Those who prefer an immaculate lawn by traditional raking should favour collecting and composting their leaves for use in flower beds and gardens. The Nature Conservancy of Canada also explains that leaving foliage from your gutters and lawn provides food for birds and even shelter for insects during the winter.

Most lawn experts advise that an accumulation of leaves reduce water evaporation and block sunlight, and by forming a dense mass, can potentially kill grass and plants. If you’re concerned, a simple solution is to hide them away under bushes.

In the end, a thorough cleanup will ultimately save you both time and energy upon the arrival of spring and even create a safer home environment.

A Shed or Garage Cleanup

This task is often considered a venture. We at Gorilla Bins understand first-hand not merely the toil, but also the demand to get organized and declutter. In many instances, deciding which items to dispose of is prominent, and allocating them appropriately in terms of seasonal usage is quite practical.

An excellent way to begin your undertaking is by clearing and storing any components that will not be useful throughout the winter months. Lawnmowers, outdoor power tools, and garden machines require proper attention, including cleaning, removing batteries, and draining fuel or replaced it with stabilized fuel. We advise that anything deemed faulty or broken be removed for disposal or recycling. All winter and snow removal equipment should take precedence by being placed front and center for both your convenience and safety. Salt should be on hand along with ice scrapers and snow brushes. It is also advantageous to make skis, snowboards, and other winter gear easily accessible. Ultimately, your goal should be to get the most functionality out of your garage space and ideally make room for your vehicle.

An Attic or Basement Cleanup

Despite how diverse attics and basements are in terms of size and shape, they all tend to accumulate an excess of items and, most notably, junk. The attic, being a more confined and challenging space, requires just as much attention as other areas for decluttering and organizing. A fundamental step is to allocate specific zones for your items, such as Christmas decorations, clothing, books, etc. In eliminating boxes and bags by grouping similar items together, you will most certainly accumulate more to dispose of than anticipated. Progressively, more free space will emerge as you effectively decide what to donate or trash.

A Pantry Cleanup

The pantry is your kitchen’s sanctuary, often packed with wholesome goodness. Cleaning out superfluous items that have accumulated in the warmer months is the first step in decluttering this influential area in your home. Barely used, non-perishable pantry staples could be donated, and with the holidays approaching, many families in need will appreciate your generosity. On the other hand, anything expired should be disposed of. Clearing out your fridge, freezer, and cupboards is also a fresh start to the winter months as new ingredients and flavours take precedence.

A Closet Cleanup

Before even the attic or basement, the closet is the most often the primary storage solution for a plethora of items, with clothing still being the fundamental use of your closet space. With the changing of seasons comes an extensive closet cleaning that requires a plan of keeping, storing, tossing, or donating. Plenty of wardrobe items may be passed on, and items such as worn-out flip flops, single mittens, and mothy sweaters should be discarded to make room for new items.

Summer Cleanup

Sorting through and packing away summer paraphernalia is bittersweet, but it’s par for the course with winter on its way. Storing bicycles and helmets, skateboards, jump ropes, and beach toys are a staple part of summer cleanup, as is washing, covering, and putting away outdoor furniture and accessories. This rite of passage is more than meets the eye as it also requires saying goodbye to several items that may have seen the last of carefree sunny days. Many items will indeed find their way into the trash or recycling, and our Gorilla Bins will ideally meet those disposal needs.

Preparing your home for winter is vital in terms of organization and decluttering. It’s not merely about a clean living space per se, but also about a clean state of mind. Feeling a sense of peace and contentment, while spending an extensive amount of time indoors, is crucial for many to their health and wellbeing. The task of preparing your home to meet both your physical and cognitive needs requires both patience and a plan.

Once the difficult task of isolating items for junk removal is complete, the next step is establishing an easy and affordable means of disposal. Our team at Gorilla Bins has the expertise to assist in the final phase of your decluttering process by offering junk removal services for residential cleanup. With a range of sizes in disposable bin rentals and convenient delivery and pickup options, we perfectly cater to your exclusive needs. The cleanest part of the experience? We recycle 100% of your junk.

We at Gorilla Bins go wild over junk! We invite you to discover more about us and our services by contacting us at 1-877-700-2467 or visit our site.

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