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Toronto is the most populated city in Canada and urbanites here take great pride in their surroundings. That’s where we step in because Gorilla Bins gives Torontonians an easy, efficient way of disposing of unwanted junk.

With a population in Toronto of almost three million, North America’s fifth largest city has a lot of potential unwanted stuff that needs to be disposed of! Whether you’ve got vast amounts of garbage or just enough to be annoying, you can rent a bin to suit whatever your needs may be. Sometimes the do-it-yourself route of getting rid of clutter and mess works wonders for people’s well-being and Gorilla Bins is there to help!

Easy as pie

The process couldn’t be easier. Just rent a dumpster from Gorilla Bins and when you’re done filling it up, they come and cart it away for you. Many urbanites have a lot of junk to clean out of their house, and Gorilla Bins can help with that.

Diversity rules

Toronto’s diverse population is enchanting to immigrants. More than half of Toronto’s residents were born in a country other than Canada. In fact, there are more than 200 distinct ethnicities in Toronto’s population. English is still the major language spoken, but add to that more than 160 more languages which can be heard in the city! And there’s no language barrier when it comes to using a dumpster from Gorilla Bins.

There are only four steps to it:

  • Pick a dumpster size that will work for you
  • Make room for us because we’re bringing it over
  • Start throwing your junk into it
  • Call us and we’ll take it away so you’ll never have to see it again!

You’ll be happy to know that we’re a 100 per cent Canadian business. And when you’re done with the fun of filling the dumpster, just call us. But you don’t need to sit around waiting. We’ll collect the garbage even if you’re not there. And we’re environmentally conscious. All of the junk we get is recycled at our place in Brampton.

Here are some tidbits about us you may find interesting:

  • Not only is the demolition and construction waste sorted by machine, some of it is also hand sorted
  • Pulp mills get all the paper and cardboard items
  • Anything plastic gets sent off for recycling
  • We make wood chips out of clean wood which is then utilized for biomass energy
  • Clean fill is made from any concrete we get
  • Local dealers get all the scrap metal, which is also recycled

What kind of junk are you getting rid of?

Bins for mixed waste: These hold stuff like renovation or construction garbage or household waste.
Bins for clean fill: This is stuff like concrete, bricks and asphalt (which has to be separated from mixed waste and clean fill – but leave that to us, too).

If your Toronto surroundings are cramped with crap, call Gorilla Bins to start clearing a decluttered path.

Toronto bin rental sizes include:

  • 6 Yd – used for garbage, clean fill, and construction waste
  • 10 Yd – used for garbage, clean fill, and construction waste
  • 14 Yd – used for garbage, clean fill, and construction waste only
  • 20 Yd – used for garbage, and construction waste only
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