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Mississauga is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. With that kind of growth comes a lot of stuff people don’t need.

Whether you’re doing a renovation project and have loads of bricks and concrete to get rid of, or if you’ve been loading your garage and once-empty spaces in your home with stuff you probably won’t ever use again – there’s an answer to the clutter problem. In two words – Gorilla Bins.

More than 729,000 people make the The thriving metropolis of Mississauga their home. People who come into Toronto via Pearson International Airport are actually landing in Mississauga. And as far as large cities go, Mississauga is one of the safest in the nation.

Caring about the environment

Not only does Mississauga have a vibrant business and commercial component, it seems its favourite colour is green. There are more than 23 trail systems and 480 parks in the city including a waterfront trail of 780 kilometers going from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Quebec. Natural areas have been built into the community design. They help to not only keep the environment healthy, but also residents.

King of the business world

There are more than 425,000 workers in Mississauga employed by 55,000 registered businesses. Many of those are Fortune 500 companies. In fact, many companies have chosen to make Mississauga their corporate headquarters.

If you’re looking around your lovely Mississauga home and are scratching your head about how you’re going to chuck the junk you’ve accumulated, Gorilla Bins has the answer and it’s a simple one.

4 easy steps:

  • Pick a dumpster size that will work for you
  • Make room for us because we’re bringing it over
  • Start throwing your junk into it
  • Call us and we’ll take it away so you’ll never have to see it again!

We’re happy to say that we’re a 100 per cent Canadian business. And when you’re done with the fun of filling the dumpster, call us. But you don’t need to sit around waiting. We’ll collect the garbage even if you’re not there. And we’re environmentally conscious. All the junk we get is recycled at our Brampton headquarters.

Here are some tidbits about us you may find interesting:

  • Not only is the demolition and construction waste sorted by machine, some of it is also hand sorted
  • Pulp mills get all the paper and cardboard items
  • Anything plastic gets sent off for recycling
  • We make wood chips out of clean wood which is then utilized for biomass energy
  • Clean fill is made from any concrete we get
  • Local dealers get all the scrap metal which is also recycled

What kind of junk are you getting rid of?

Bins for mixed waste: These hold stuff like renovation or construction garbage or household waste.
Bins for clean fill: This is stuff like concrete, bricks and asphalt (which has to be separated from mixed waste and clean fill – but leave that to us, too).

Like our motto says, “we go bananas over junk.”

Mississauga bin rental sizes include:

  • 6 Yd – used for garbage, clean fill, and construction waste
  • 10 Yd – used for garbage, clean fill, and construction waste
  • 14 Yd – used for garbage, clean fill, and construction waste only
  • 20 Yd – used for garbage, and construction waste only
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