10 Tips to Maximize Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning might be difficult, but it is necessary to clear up the house for the new year and to help create an optimistic atmosphere for the beautiful weather that is sure to come.

Spring cleaning can admittedly be quite intimidating, but there are always tips and tricks you can follow to make the cleaning procedure a lot easier and quicker. In order to ensure you are thoroughly cleaning your home in the most time-efficient way possible, take a look at the following 10 tips.

1. Make a checklist

The first step you should take to ensure that your spring cleaning will be successful this year is to create a checklist or a schedule. Make sure you write down exactly what you want to get done and how much time you are planning to allot to each cleaning task. Remember to add an extra 30 minutes above what you think it will take for you to clean the specific area as it is human nature to underestimate the amount of time we will take to complete a task.

Once you have everything written out in front of you with the days and times scheduled for the cleaning, a lot of the anxiety and uncertainty will be removed. This alone can be the key ingredient for ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed and cut corners during the actual cleaning process.

You can divide your schedule according to the rooms in your house.

Allot one weekend to clean the kitchen, but make sure you include details in your schedule. Write down every part of the kitchen that needs to be cleaned, such as the cabinets, fridge, floors, microwaves, and assign a time to clean each one as well. The more descriptive your written checklist is, the less on-the-spot compromises you will have to make when you’re cleaning.

2. Start with the decluttering

In order to reduce the total amount of time it takes to clean, make sure you start with the decluttering. Look through all the rooms and get rid of furniture, toys, bulky clothing such as jackets, and extra items that are simply not used anymore. Once you have these items out of the way, you will open up space to clean the walls and floors, and it will reduce the overwhelming feeling of organizing every corner of your house for the coming new season.

3. Dive into deep cleaning

It can be intimidating to scrub out old pantries and get to the dirty corners of areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen, but you shouldn’t put this off for last. Just take a deep breath and dive straight into the scrubbing and organizing. If you first tackle the areas you’re most nervous about; you will improve your overall cleaning experience. However, if you do the light cleaning first and save the dirtiest parts for last, then the entire time you will be dreading reaching the end, which is highly counterproductive.

4. Don’t forget the details

To get the most out of your spring-cleaning procedure, make sure you are not only focusing on the obviously dirty spaces but the details as well. Details such as dusting the tops of ceiling fans, cleaning everything out from behind the stove and under the sofas, and colour-coordinating bedding and curtains in the bedrooms can make a significant difference in the overall look of your home after you’re done cleaning.

5. Getting organized helps

It’s imperative to be organized while you are cleaning. Don’t leave tasks in the middle and move on to other cleaning projects. No matter how tempting it may be to leave a task halfway, it is always best to complete each job entirely before moving on to the next one. You should also take this chance to organize your paperwork, files, and bills, as this will help declutter your home and add to the cleanliness.

Apart from organizing paperwork, you also need to order your closets and bookshelves to ensure a thorough cleaning job.

6. Save time and rent a bin

Many people make the mistake of collecting all their clutter in one area of their house as they go along with the cleaning process. This often results in several trips to the junkyard after the cleaning is finished. You should save time by renting a dumping bin, especially when you plan on decluttering your storage rooms and garage as well. When you rent a bin, you can simply throw out the items as you clean. You can also rest assured that you did not waste any resources, as the bin company will always recycle your clutter accordingly.

7. Use green cleaning supplies

When cleaning, it can be tempting to use whatever cleaning supplies you have, but this is not always a wise idea. Since you will be cleaning your home top to bottom, it is best to use green supplies that are not full of harsh chemicals. Using green cleaning products is not just great for the environment, but it can help protect your children and pets as well.

8. Clean your air

You may not have included cleaning your air as a part of your spring-cleaning routine, but it is a good idea to consider it this year. You should make sure your vents and HVAC systems are thoroughly cleaned out, so the dust is not constantly expelled into the air you and your family are breathing.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It can be tempting to do the entire spring-cleaning project on your own because of the amount of control it gives you, but you should not hesitate to ask for help. Your family members and friends will probably be very willing to help you complete your tasks, and this will save both time and energy. Yes, you will lose a little control over exactly how the cleaning is being done, but at the end of the day, the amount of effort you save by getting help is well worth it.

10. Take it one step at a time

Most importantly, keep in mind that it is not necessary to get everything done in a few days or even a few weeks. Depending on how big your house is and how well you want to clean it, you should go at your own pace. When you are making your checklist, be sure to remind yourself that there is absolutely no reason to rush. A thorough job that takes a long time is much better than a half-cleaned house that is done in a matter of days.

It can be difficult to spring clean along with all the other tasks that you have to accomplish in your day. You may be working, taking care of little children, studying, or doing all three at the same time. Making time to spring clean can be a struggle, but by following the above ten tips, you can clean efficiently no matter how busy your schedule is. The most important fact to keep in mind when you’re spring cleaning is to stay organized.

You should devise a plan and stick to it to ensure the cleaning doesn’t end up taking more time than is necessary. It may be a difficult few days when you start cleaning, but if you keep on going with your written schedule in mind, you should be done quickly, and you and your family can begin to enjoy your clean house for the lovely new spring season. Also, remember that renting a dumping bin is one of the best ways to save time while spring cleaning.

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