Quick Tips for Keeping Your House Clean

We all face those days when we realize our house is a mess. You stop to look around and notice that clothes are on the floor, the bed isn’t made and there’s food left out in the kitchen. In tackling home cleaning, it’s important that you make a proactive plan to keep your property in great condition. Our trusted team can help you with this important process. In this new post, we’re presenting our quick tips for keeping your house clean.

Simply Clean Dishes After You’ve Used Them

It might seem like a daunting task at the moment, but if you clean your dishes directly after you’ve used them you’ll find they won’t pile up in the sink in the months ahead. Taking just a few moments each day to clean your dishes can make all the difference in your kitchen space.

Use A Cleanser For The Bathtub

You’ll find that your bathtubs become dirty very quickly if you’re not careful with how you maintain the space. One of the ideal solutions to stubborn dirt in the bathtub space is the use of a foaming cleaner. The cleanser will lift the dirt from the bathtub surface, allowing you to simply wipe the area clean.

Clean Toilets Once A Month (At Least!)

Toilets must be cleaned at least once per month otherwise they end up getting very dirty. To clean the base of the toilet, simply pour bowl cleaner inside. While the cleaner is working, you can wipe the rim of the toilet, and then follow up the process by cleaning the base and the rest of the inside space. This will help you ensure your bathroom is much cleaner and better to use for family and visitors.

Regularly Wipe Down Kitchen Areas

Areas in your kitchen such as the fridge spaces, the microwave and the stove should be wiped down regularly to minimize the potential for mess. This is particularly important when cleaning the microwave. You may simply forget about the microwave when you’re cleaning the rest of the kitchen, but if you open the door you’ll likely find several stains and crumbs. Take the time to wipe down the surface of the microwave, and remove the wheel and other components to ensure an optimal cleaning process.

Clean Counter Space After Every Meal

You’ll likely be using the counter space within your kitchen to prepare vegetables and meat for your meals. But how often do you clean the counter? Bacteria from the foods used in the kitchen can remain on the counter for several weeks. As such, it’s important that you’re proactive in cleaning the space after you’ve prepared the meal. Simply taking two minutes to wipe down counters can make all the difference in your home.

Cleaning any counters in the bathroom is also a step that should be taken regularly. Surfaces near to sinks and on top of storage areas can become dusty and damp in the bathroom. Ensure they’re clean to minimize the potential for contaminants in the space.

Clear the Clutter

Make sure that you aren’t tripping over your belongings as you make your way through your home. A great step in the right direction is to clear the clutter from your home by taking on the rubbish removal process. You can start by going through your old clothes and figuring out which to keep and which to donate or throw away. You can then go through your other belongings such as old kids’ toys and old furniture to select items you no longer use. By removing these items from the home, you’ll not only clear the clutter but create more space for exciting new additions in the years ahead.

Test Spots When Cleaning Walls

One of the most common mistakes some homeowners make when cleaning the home is to focus on cleaning their walls without considering the paint or wallpaper. If you don’t consider how the cleaning product might impact your walls, you may find that it stains the pain or strips the wallpaper from the wall. Take the time to test out your cleaning products carefully before use. For example, you might begin by spraying the product on an out-of-the-way area of the wall first. This will help you in protecting your walls against damage and keep your home in peak aesthetic condition.

Use A Cleaning Cloth on the Baseboards

It’s another area that might not be considered when you’re cleaning the home, but your home’s baseboards should be cleaned regularly to ensure they’re in peak condition. Whether it’s the kitchen or the living room, the baseboards in the space can attract dust and dirt. Take the time to remove dust with a microfiber cloth and then wash the boards down to remove any caked-on grease and dirt. Not only will the cleaning work help enhance the appeal of the space, but it will also ensure that you don’t have a build-up of dust and dirt around the home.

The Benefits of Renting a Rubbish Removal Bin

Before you begin cleaning your home, you may wish to take the time to rent a rubbish bin that can be placed outside the property ready for the rubbish removal process. Companies across the region offer a number of rental services and can provide you with the ideal sized bin for your home. Let’s review of a few of the benefits that renting a rubbish removal bin can have for your home:

  • You’ll have a cleaning incentive

With the available space to place older belongings you’re no longer using, you’ll now have an incentive to clean the property. You can work with your family to remove those older pieces you’re no longer using and place them in the bin ready for pick up.

  • More space for larger products

It can be daunting to remove that larger furniture piece when you no longer have room for it in the home. But renting a rubbish removal bin allows you to simplify the process. Most bins open at the side to allow you to simply place the piece into the container ready for the removal process.

  • You can rent for a week or more

Rental companies now allow you to rent removal bins for several weeks so that you have enough time to take on the task of removing the clutter day-by-day. This means you can plan out the process and you can ensure that you’re removing items from your home in the most effective way.

Our team at Gorilla Bins specializes in the rental of rubbish bins for your home cleaning requirements! To learn more about our services, call us today.

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