Are Wood Disposals Taken to Recycle and Reuse?

In order to save time sorting and sending waste materials to the right place, Toronto has several different types of waste collection and it is important for every household, and business, to know how to dispose different types of materials.

From construction materials to yard waste, most materials are collected as part of the weekly curbside collection but many people are confused as to exactly which bin to use for certain materials.

While cities typically don’t recycle wood, there are bin rental companies that do recycle what they can of products that are deposited in their bins.

If you’re looking to get rid of wood waste from your yard, this guide will explain how to dispose of various types throughout the year!

Wood disposal in Toronto has been complicated in more recent years by the Asian long-horned beetle infestations of ash trees in some areas of the city.

Detected near the end of 2013, these beetles can be spread through the movement of infested materials as they are transferred between various areas of the city. For this reason, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has established several regulated areas in Toronto, Etobicoke, and Mississauga in order to control the spread of this infectious beetle.

Ash and other wood materials will still be collected as part of your curbside collection or can be brought to transfer stations, but it is important to know that you should never bring firewood, pruned branches, grass clippings, or leaves out of an infested area.

In the case of these materials, it’s best to call a local bin removal company to ensure that they are disposed of properly.

Regular yard waste including branches and bushes will be collected bi-weekly as part of the curbside service during the spring and summer months. Bundles must be no longer than 1.2 meters, not more than 0.6 meters in diameter, and less than 20 kg in weight.

There is no item limit, but larger items such as trunks, stumps, and larger branches with a diameter of over 7.5 cm will not be collected. Wood waste materials of this size will require special arrangements to be made with waste disposal companies.

Christmas trees are collected throughout the month of January using specialized trucks which take them to a dedicated facility to be shredded and turned into compost. For this reason, all trees must be completely free of decorations, tinsel, nails, tree skirts, ornaments, and stands or they will not be collected.

Trees in plastic bags or tree bags will also not be collected. If you miss this window, you will need to hold on to your Christmas tree until yard waste collection resumes in March at which time your tree will need to conform to standard yard waste regulations.

Wood removal in any city is fickle. It doesn’t happen by the city all the time, and there are regulations put in place that can leave your wood waiting by the curb even after they do come. If you’re looking to remove, recycle, or throw away wood from your yard or home improvement project, contact Gorilla Bins and get things done the easy way!