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When Etobicoke residents or business owners find they have more junk in their homes, stores or offices than they can handle, who are they going to call? Gorilla Bins!

Etobicoke used to be a patchwork of little towns and villages, but the current version of the city is a trio of tree-lined streets, looming apartment buildings and burly industrial areas. The unusual name actually comes from “wadoopikaang,” an Ojibwe word meaning where alder trees grow. Gradually, it morphed into the anglicized version of today.

Approximately 350,000 residents that make up this western portion of Toronto have Lake Ontario to their south, the Humber River to their east and Mississauga to their west. The city of Vaughan is their northern neighbour.

Etobicoke’s “Ghostly” Northwest End

Now replete with industry, the Claireville area of Etobicoke was once a little village with churches, small businesses and a few houses, some of which are still there. As Etobicoke expanded, rezoning of the area occurred and almost everything in the little town was destroyed. There is still an old length of unused Indian line running next to Highway 427.

A little or a lot of trash

Using Gorilla Bins is a cinch. The only extra thing you’ll need to do is to get a road occupancy permit at city hall. It doesn’t matter if you have scads of disposables or just a few, Gorilla Bins has the right size dumpster for your needs. Bins range from 6 to 20 cubic yards.

What you have to do:

  • Pick a dumpster size that will work for you
  • Make room for us because we’re bringing it over
  • Start throwing your junk into it
  • Call us and we’ll take it away so you’ll never have to see it again!

Did you know:

  • Not only is the demolition and construction waste sorted by machine, some of it is also hand sorted
  • Pulp mills get all the paper and cardboard items
  • Anything plastic gets sent off for recycling
  • We make wood chips out of clean wood which is then utilized for biomass energy
  • Clean fill is made from any concrete we get
  • Local dealers get all the scrap metal which is also recycled

Not all junk is the same

Different bins should be used for different types of waste.
Bins for mixed waste: These hold stuff like renovation or construction garbage or household waste. Mixed waste can’t be contaminated by organic waste like food or biological waste.
Bins for clean fill: This is stuff like concrete, bricks and asphalt (which has to be separated from mixed waste and clean fill – but we’ll take care of that, too).

One thing to remember: Gorilla Bins can’t take aerosol cans, paint or paint cans, tires, cylinders or any type of hazardous waste.

So, if you’ve been wondering how you’re going to clear out your space, give Gorilla Bins a call. They’ll help you select the size bin you’ll need to dispose of unwanted items and garbage.

Etobicoke bin rental sizes include:

  • 6 Yd – used for garbage, clean fill, and construction waste
  • 10 Yd – used for garbage, clean fill, and construction waste
  • 14 Yd – used for garbage, clean fill, and construction waste only
  • 20 Yd – used for garbage, and construction waste only
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