Save It Or Junk It: Art Images

If you have some dinged up or worn out items in your home, you can either get a junk removal bin and toss them, or transform them into creative decorative items for your home and landscape. Here are some garden art images for inspiration.

  1. Wheelbarrow Planter

    Wheelbarrow Planter

    Take advantage of a unique planting space to plant a variety of flowers, and even add decorative pieces. Wheelbarrows make for amazing planters, especially if they come with a functional wheel, as you can easily move them around your lawn. Make sure to drill some drainage holes, then line the bottom with rocks, add potting soil, and consider using plants that will spill over the edges.

  2. Kettle Rock Garden

    Kettle Rock Garden

    You can use old kettles and antique pots to hold your plants instead of conventional planters. Simply identify containers that can accommodate plants comfortably, drill air and drainage holes, add rocks along the bottom to allow for aeration and drainage, and then add soil or your potting mix. You can fill the old kettles with young plants, and add some rocks around the plants for charm. You can move your plants anywhere you like for visual appeal.

  3. Vine Covered Chair

    Vine Covered Chair

    If you have some old dining or outdoor chairs with a spindle-back design, you should consider covering them in flowers and vines. If you have a chair with legs, you can be more creative and cut a large hole in the seat so that you can insert a pot, making the chair act as a planter.

  4. Rusty Chandelier

    Rusty Chandelier

    You can transform any old pieces of metal in your home into a beautiful, artsy, outdoor chandelier. The piece above uses an old but heavy metal wreath as the base to support many bulky chandelier crystals for plenty of shine and glimmer. The piece is particularly dazzling in direct sunlight.

  5. Statement Pieces

    Statement Pieces

    You can transform any items in your home that are on their way to a sale, donation, or disposal bin to create focal points inside or outside your home. From your child’s tricycle, to old doors and windows, to worn out farm equipment, you can create standalone statement pieces that add visual interest and character to your exterior.

Final Note

Just look around your home for old items that may be fun to look at, either in their original form or with a little adjusting. Visualize how they would look with some plants and flowers, or how the corrosion of metal pieces would give them an attractive, rustic look and feel.

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