Renovation Plans? Save Money With A DIY approach

If you’re confident about your ability to handle a hammer, some drywall and some lumber, then you should perhaps consider a do-it-yourself home renovation project.

There are all sorts of home renovation projects you can take on, but if you start with something basic and manageable, you’ll build up the confidence to take on more challenging projects over time.

But when you’ve completed your bathroom, kitchen, tiling and painting, you’ll need to know where to put all the renovation waste that you’ve generated. There are various ways you can deal with the large quantity of waste that you end up with after some DIY renovation projects. Read on to find out, first, about some possible projects and, second, about what options you have to get rid of the junk left behind.

Do It Yourself

Investing in your kitchen is never a bad idea particularly since it offers significant bang for your buck on the value front. You can install new cupboards, put in drawer runners or lay down some laminate flooring.

You can also do some work in the bathroom since that’s another area of your home that offers the opportunity to get a tangible return on investment. Consider the vanity, the mirror and the backsplash if you’re looking for some bathroom renovation ideas.

Another way to really spruce up the look of your home is to change the shingles. It’s a big job that usually will require multiple helpers, but it’s a project you might want to take on if you have the DIY aptitude – and aren’t afraid of heights.

After an extensive home renovation project, you may be left with a pile of renovation waste. There are at least a couple of ways that you can tidy up after a renovation project by getting rid of the junk.

Transport the Waste to the Landfill Yourself

While you could hook up a trailer to the back of your pickup truck and load in the waste, you’ll probably have to make a lot of back-and-forth trips in order to get rid of everything. Then there’s the time you’ll need to spend waiting in line at the landfill and the time you’ll need for unloading waste into the various specially marked sections of the landfill.

Or, Hire Professionals to Handle the Mess

The alternative is a little less demanding on your time and energy–it would involve contacting us at Gorilla Bins to have us take your waste off your hands and off your property. We make DIY waste collection easy with just a few steps. You’ll need to select a bin size, and then we’ll drop off the bin at your desired location. You’ll provide the manpower and load the bin with your renovation waste, and then you’ll let us know that you’re done so that we can arrange to come by and pick up the bin.

So give us a call today or check out our website to learn more about why Gorilla Bins is the perfect solution for your needs.

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