Organizing Your Closet For Winter

Winter can wreak havoc on your closet. Between hats, scarves, boots, bulky sweaters and winter coats, you may find yourself needing a whole extra closet. For those of us with limited closet space, winter clothing can cause a big storage problem. But don’t fear! By getting strategic, and being organized, even a small closet can hold more than may meet the eye.

Winter Clothes in, Summer Clothes Out
Once the warm weather is definitely over, make way for your winter and fall clothes by putting summer clothes away into storage. This may mean the attic or basement, or it may mean large plastic bins under the bed. It all depends how much space you have. It’s always recommended to store clothes in clean, dry, air-tight bins to avoid any damage or pests.

Purge your Closet, and be Picky!
Many of us end up with way too many clothes. Seasonal transitions means it’s time to go through your wardrobe and choose the things you love, the things you’re not sure about, and the things you can live without.

There are many options for getting rid of clothes you’ve grown tired of. These include donation bins, charity stores, second hand stores, and friends and family (what’s old to you may be new to them). For pieces you’re not in love with but not quite ready to part with, put them in storage with your summer clothes. They’ll be there if you need them.

Use Closet Organizers
Closet organizers, whether plastic or fabric, are affordable and can really save you space. Keep hanging room for things that definitely need to be hung, and fold as much as you can. Closet organizers can also help you sort shoes, boots, and accessories.

Find a Place For The Big Things
Winter coats can be big and bulky and definitely take up the most room. If you don’t have a closet near your front door for them, you may want to install a coat rack. Additionally, winter boots can take up valuable space and are often wet, slushy, or muddy. Whether you keep them by your door, in a mudroom, or in a closet, make sure they are stored on rubber mats.

Be Super Organized
When a closet is too full, it can be hard to find things. Find an organizational process that works for you, for instance, colour-coding, sorting by style or type of clothing. This will make finding things a breeze!

By planning ahead, making a plan, and staying organized, you can avoid the chaos of winter clothes! Keep yourself warm and your closet organized this winter.

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