What Materials do Mini Bins Take?

Rental waste bins are a great resource for construction sites and renovation projects because they provide a simple, effective solution for waste collection and removal.

Many materials created during renovation projects or new constructions can be placed in the bin for easily collection, making clean-up of your job site much easier and faster. However, not everything can simply be dumped into a mini bin and taken away by the waste disposal company.

In general terms, mini-bins can accept all non-hazardous, non-organic materials. Typically this includes:

• Construction debris
• Demolition and renovation debris
• Dirt, rocks, gravel, and soil
• Cement or concrete
• Drywall
• Bricks
• Asphalt
• Roofing materials
• General garbage

Depending on the type of materials you wish to dispose of, there are two main types of bin rentals: mixed waste and clean fill.

Clean fill includes materials such as soil, brick, concrete, cement, and asphalt which can be reused on other construction sites. Brick, cement, and concrete can be broken down and used to create new bricks, concrete, or cement while soil, gravel, rocks, and dirt can be used to level a construction site, increase the elevation of a full or partial lot, or even improve drainage.

Mixed waste includes just about everything else included in the above list. Again, these materials cannot be contaminated by organic or biological waste such as food or yard clippings.

Once taken away, this waste will be sorted for recycling and disposal. Metals will be sorted for scrap while glass, cardboard, and plastics will be sent to recycling facilities. Non-recyclable materials will be taken to a landfill for disposal.

Unfortunately there are several types of waste commonly found on construction sites that cannot be placed in a mini-bin for disposal. These items includes all forms of household hazardous waste such as:

• Aerosol cans
• Tires
• Paint
• Motor oil
• Light bulbs
• Electronics
• Mercury thermostats
• Chemicals
• Gasoline
• Asbestos
• Ionization chamber or dual/combination smoke detectors
• Oils
• Solvents
• Car batteries
• Propane tanks
• Other toxic waste

For these and other hazardous materials, contact Gorilla Bins in order to find out the best way to dispose of them.

In many cases, these hazardous materials will need to be brought to a specialized garbage transfer station in order to be properly disposed of so that they do not cause harm to animals, humans, or the environment. When in doubt, check local guidelines or ask your mini-bin rental company for a list of acceptable waste materials.