Junk-To-Gardening Tricks!

Looking for a unique, rustic look for your garden? You may not have to look further than your junk bin. Up-cycling items you would have considered trash is both environmentally healthy, and a trendy way to add character to your garden!

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Yard sales, antique stores, flea markets, and even your own garage are great places to find hidden treasures. There are so many ways to incorporate recycled items into your garden. Things like old tires, bicycles, antique typewriters, wood or wire crates, sections of fence, mirrors, old furniture, and more can all create quirky and unexpected garden displays.


Old patio furniture, or anything else with spaces in it like wire crates, are a great way to hold up top-heavy flowers. For a more organized look, old chairs and tables can simply be an interesting place to display planters and flowers. To go rustic, consider letting flowers grow up and around pieces of furniture, incorporating them into the garden itself.


We’ve seen some great ideas for up-cycled planters, which can be far more exciting than your basic plastic pots! Iron pails and repurposed wooden crates add a touch of country, while also being highly functional. A highly creative and impressive looking planter solution involves using an old chest of drawers and pulling the drawers out to create space for flowers to grow. Bathtubs and sinks can also be turned into beautiful planters. There are so many options, and it’s a great time to use your imagination.


People have found many ways to use junk items to create boundaries in their garden. A popular and great looking choice is sections of wrought iron fencing. Salvaged wood or iron can also be used to edge gardens. One of the more creative ideas uses bicycle wheels to edge a garden.


Sometimes your garden ornaments don’t have to have a function! Incorporating found items adds personality and charm to your garden. Decorations like birdhouses, mirrors, and knickknacks like garden gnomes can be easily found at flea markets.

Other ideas we’ve seen around include old typewriters, bicycles, rubber boots, even old computer monitors and household appliances! It all has to do with your personal taste.

Have Fun!

Junk-to-gardening is all about expressing your garden’s personality and individuality. These were some ideas to get the ball rolling, but the best way to get started is to look at photos and check out flea markets and yard sales to see what’s out there. Once you find your inspiration, junk-to-gardening is a fun, and eco-friendly way of thinking outside the box.

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