What Items are Not Allowed in Garbage Disposal Bins?

Rental disposal bins are most commonly used for construction or renovation projects where lots of non-organic waste will be created. They can be used to easily collect and remove many materials from a work site including metals, cardboard, glass, plastics, and building materials such as soil, concrete, brick, and asphalt. The rental cost for bins will typically depend on the type of waste they are being used to collect.

However, there are also some types of waste that cannot be put into a garbage disposal bin. Specifically, several types of waste which are considered hazardous must be disposed of in specific ways and cannot be placed in rental bins or standard curbside collection. These materials include but are not limited to:

1. Motor oil

In many places motor oil can be safely recycled for future use, which is good because it can be otherwise difficult to dispose of. The only proper way to get rid of it is to pour it into a plastic container with a tight-sealing lid and then bring it to a recycling center, automotive store, or service station.

When recycling, be sure not to mix the motor oil with any other materials or it will be unsuitable. Motor oil cannot be poured down the drain or left out with curbside collection as it can easily contaminate waterways and greatly reduce the effectiveness of water treatment processes.

2. Paint

Oil-based paints of any kind including stains, varnishes, coatings, and even paint removers and strippers also count as household hazardous waste due to chemicals contained in them which may be harmful to animals, humans, and the environment.

These materials should never be placed in the garage or poured down the drain. Full cans can be returned to the place you bought them while excess paint can be donated to non-profit agencies such as Habitat for Humanity, theater groups, or schools.

Latex or water-based paints are not considered hazardous.

3. Batteries

Different types of batteries contain different chemicals and must be disposed of in different ways but none of them can be disposed of in your regular garbage nor in junk removal bins.

For a full list of the best way to dispose of batteries, consult your local garbage collection service.

4. Electronics

As many electronics contain heavy metals, they should never be placed in the trash. This includes all electronics from old TV’s to laptops and iPods. The best way to dispose of these items is to donate them for reuse or drop them off at a dedicated electronics recycling center.

Additional materials that cannot be placed in garbage disposal bins include items such as ionization chamber smoke detectors, mercury thermometers, and light bulbs.

The list of items that can’t go into junk removal bins is minimal in comparison to the list that can. Whether you’re going through a home renovation, are moving out, or are simply looking to clean house, junk removal rental bins will likely house everything you need to have a fast and