How You Can Manage Your Construction Site Waste More Effectively

Construction sites are places where new structures are born and sometimes old ones are torn down or revamped. Whatever it is your construction company has been hired to do, you’re inevitably going to have waste in the building and/or tearing down processes.

But you can manage your construction site waste more efficiently for the safety of your employees and for the sake of the environment.

Knowing what’s what

There are different kinds of waste and your employees should be made aware of what they are. Reusing the materials that can be reused is a mark of good environmental stewardship. It can also make it easier on your pocketbook in the long run.

It’s also important to:

  • Mark containers with legible labels;
  • Set aside a location where containers will be held;
  • Regularly empty containers for space reasons and to avoid any contamination;
  • Train employees as to how to do all this; and
  • Check the area frequently to see if things are being done properly.

Having a waste management contractor will make the process run more smoothly. A contractor can:

  • Ensure the proper containers have been provided;
  • Make sure that the materials that have been separated have somewhere to go; and
  • Ensure you have help when it comes to training, enforcement and monitoring.

Hazardous/toxic waste must be separated from other types of waste. They include things like, corrosives, asbestos, oil and oil products, electrical equipment and fluorescent light bulbs. Keep detailed records as to who transports the waste, name of a contact person, when the waste was taken, etc. and make sure the waste is taken to a facility designed for such waste.

Here are some other things you can do to manage site waste:

  • Keep materials even if they won’t complete an entire project. They can always be used as test pieces for another job.
  • Trees that are taken down (along with any branches) can be chipped and used as mulch.
  • Leftover insulation can be used in walls, attics or saved for other jobs.
  • Try to salvage things during demolition like doors and windows which can’t be recycled. Someone may be able to use them or they could even be donated to a reuse center.

To help you get rid of waste around your space, give Gorilla Bins a call. They have various size disposal bins to meet your specific needs. They will also deliver and pick up!

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