How To Reduce E-Commerce Waste

Just because you’re company is selling electronically, doesn’t mean you don’t leave an environmental footprint.

Waste can happen in the e-commerce realm as well as in any other business. In fact, online shopping continues to become more and more popular and with it comes heaps of waste from packaging, specifically paper products like cardboard.

There are various areas of focus when it comes to e-commerce waste:

Improper processing. Are you taking unnecessary steps when it comes to processing items? Are there too much packaging items being used. Could there be cutbacks somewhere? Are sending your products in boxes inside more boxes? Consider perhaps one box! And just because it’s recyclable doesn’t mean it’s necessary.

Producing too much. Producing something before it’s actually needed constitutes overproduction. For instance, are you making more containers than you really need? How about creating shelving that isn’t being used or won’t ever be used? Perhaps staff can come up with ideas as to how less packaging can be used.

Transportation. Your product doesn’t increase in value with any kind of transport. What is the product cycle in your warehouse like? Look at things from product arrival to its shipping. Look at the distance and the time it takes to reach its destination. Is there some way these can be reduced? In other words, is there a better, faster way of sending the product?

The waiting game. How much time do you or your staff have to wait until you’re done your next task? How efficiently are you and they using time? Do you have to wait before tasks can be completed because another task hasn’t been finished, like waiting to use equipment, like a loader, that someone else is using? Time is money.

Do you really need all that inventory? What’s all that inventory really costing you? How long has it been on your floor? If it’s not moving, it’s taking up valuable space and makes it hard to manoeuvre around. Getting rid of it will free up extra cash.

Mistakes. They happen in all businesses, including e-commerce. Figuring out why is the key. Why did that product get shipped in the wrong size package or why did it get sent out in packaging that was falling apart? Defects happen from faulty materials in the production process.

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