How to Prevent Others From Illegally Dumping Trash in Your Dumpster

A problem that many Canadians face today is illegal dumping of trash in their dumpster. This can be a problem for residents, but can also be a serious issue for business owners. For instance, if you own a restaurant, then it may be difficult to prevent your patrons or even passersby from using your dumpster for their personal use. The most pressing concern with illegal trash dumping is that the space you need will be occupied by the trash of others.

You may also have to deal with the financial consequences of illegal trash dumping. For instance, if many people dump their trash into your dumpster, then your bills may go up because the excess weight of their trash may exceed the designated weight limit. The good news is there are many steps that you can take to help prevent others from illegally dumping their trash into your dumpster.

Simple Ways to Prevent Illegal Trash Dumping

If possible, try and keep your dumpster in an outbuilding, a barn, a garage, or inside of a securely fenced area. The goal is to make it difficult for outsiders to access your dumpster. You should also tarp your dumpster whenever it is not being utilized to dump trash. In order to tarp your dumpster, all you will need is some bungee cord and cheap tarp material. Another benefit to tarping your dumpster is that it will keep its load dry whenever there is a snow storm or heavy rainfall. That is, a wet load is far heavier than a dry one, so why not make your life a little easier by tarping your dumpster when it is not in use?

Your dumpster should also be erected or placed in a well-lit area in order to deter criminals from illegally dumping trash in it. Moreover, you should try and load your dumpster as quickly as you can. In fact, if possible, load it to the brim in a day and then have it picked up before the day is over. Put another way, the longer your dumpster sits on your property, the more likely it is to be a source of illegal trash dumping.

In addition, if you live near a high traffic area of the city, then we would recommend that you place your dumpster either near your building or near your home, instead of near or on the street. Another step you can take to inform the neighbourhood that your dumpster is your property is to set up a cardboard or plywood sign near it. The sign should inform your neighbours that the dumpster is yours and may keep people from throwing garbage into your roll-off.

You should also lock your dumpster as soon as possible. We would highly recommend that you invest in a heavy-duty lock to prevent others from breaking into it in order to dump their trash. Of course, some may argue that it’s inconvenient to have to lock and unlock their dumpster every time they need to unload some garbage, but it may be well worth it if illegal trash dumping is a serious concern.

Moreover, if money is not an issue, then installing a security camera can help deter people from illegally dumping their trash in your dumpster. At the very least, installing a security camera will allow you to identify those who are performing illegal activities in and around your property, so that you can notify the proper authorities. If money is tight, then you can install a fake camera and simply add a sign next to it such as, “Area is Under Constant Surveillance”. The sign may be enough to scare off people from illegally dumping their tires and other such trash items.

A daily check up routine may also be in order. In other words, instead of simply checking it every time you need to throw something into your dump, check it at least three times a day. For instance, you can check it right before you head to the office, immediately after coming home, and right before you go to bed. If you notice any items that weren’t there before, then get rid of them before all of the unwanted trash accumulates and creates a serious mess.

Finally, ask your neighbours if they have seen any suspicious persons lurking around or have seen someone else dump their trash into your bin. Their intel may be sufficient to press charges against the wrongdoers, as illegally dumping trash in someone else’s bin is considered trespassing as well as theft of services. As such, both are criminal acts, and you can use the information that your neighbours provided to take the culprits to court.

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