How to Manage the After Party Mess

Having a party is an opportunity to invite friends and loved ones to share in a special occasion or holiday, but having a lot of guests translates into a big mess that you’ll have to deal with in the morning.

Thankfully, there are some key strategies you can use to manage the after-party mess. Following the steps outlined below will ensure that you have a successful party without the stress of a massive cleanup!

Prepare for the Cleanup in Advance

Avoid the hassle of cleaning up after your next party by having a plan in place before your first guest walks through the door. Thinking ahead prevents some of the most difficult tasks associated with cleaning up after a party!

Plastic plates, cups, and utensils add up. Bottles and cans fill up your trash cans quickly, but by lining each one with multiple bags, you’ll save the time required to put a fresh bag in after throwing one out.

For the things that need to be washed, make sure that your dishwasher is clear before the party. This makes it easy to load as the dirty dishes come your way.

Once it’s full, you can begin washing the first load even before the party’s over. This reduces any dishwashing you’ll have to do the following day. If you’re too busy hosting, designate a family member or friend to take on the dishwasher duties.

Get the Small Stuff First

You don’t have to wait until the next day to clean up. Although you may not have the energy after your party to clean your house, there are some things you can do quickly to reduce the work you’ll have to do tomorrow.

Take a few minutes to attend to the smaller stuff. Start by gathering these items including cups, glasses, bottles, and napkins. As you do this, you’ll identify any spills that need to be cleaned up before they have a chance to settle overnight.

Empty out any unfinished drinks in the sink and put all like items together. Wine glasses should be in one area and bottles in another. This makes the next day’s cleanup more organized.

Put all trash items in your trash bin and take them out as soon as their filled. You should already have a fresh bag in place once you remove a full one. Additionally, placing your garbage outside will prevent unwanted leaks and eliminate one more task for the following morning.

Having several designated trash bins in easy to access and high trafficked areas will better motivate people to keep their rubbish in the bins and not on counters or other areas.

Cleaning Up the Next Day

Now that you’ve had a chance to rest after your party, you can begin tackling the real cleanup. Any tablecloths or cloth napkins that were used will need to be gathered and placed into your hamper for washing. Be sure to look out for any wine stains so that you can address them with the right cleaning products to get them out.

Take all of the glasses you set aside the night before and load them into the dishwasher along with any other utensils that you may have missed. Once all of these items are put away, you can begin wiping down your countertops and tables. Carpets and rugs should be vacuumed to remove any stray food or crumbs.

Cleaning up doesn’t have to bring the party to an end! You can begin the process before and during the event to make it easier on you the next day. Following these steps helps you avoid spending all day cleaning up, and you’ll be more likely to have parties in the near future.

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