Health Issues Due To Improper Waste Disposal

Not only does improper garbage disposal turn the environment into a nasty, polluted cesspool but it also has the potential of making us seriously sick.

Types of waste

There are four types of waste classifications and getting rid of any of them improperly can have dire consequences. They are:

  • Solid – less than 70 per cent water;
  • Liquid – less than one per cent solid;
  • Hazardous – corrosive and extremely toxic to humans, animals and plants;
  • Medical – syringes, swabs, bandages, bodily fluids, etc.

The ramifications of improperly disposing of waste products are immense. Water pollution poses one of the biggest threats to human and animal life.

Leachate from garbage gets into our waters – lakes, rivers, oceans and seas. Couple this with air pollution, which causes acid rain, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Fish and shellfish that end up on our tables have been feeding on this pollution. Other animals, like rats or birds, may also spread these diseases known to make humans ill as well. Things like hepatitis and HIV are of particular concern, as is the bacteria that cause tuberculosis. Although these pathogens are mostly found in medical waste, they can also come from bio waste of any source.


When people consume polluted water, they get sick. There’s no getting around it.

Contaminated water causes viral diseases like cholera, dysentery and typhoid fever. It can cause skin conditions like scabies and Trachoma (a preventable eye disease in which the eyelashes eventually invert, leading to blindness). Parasites living in dirty water can cause diseases like dracunculiasis and schistosomiasis.

Then there are the insects that live in contaminated water – like mosquitoes – that cause such ailments as dengue, malaria and yellow fever, to name just a few. These communicable diseases can lead to death if not treated immediately. These are just a few of the many illnesses caused by water in which improperly treated waste has been dumped.

Poor sanitation

Places that don’t have safe garbage disposal measures in place – mostly developing countries – are most susceptible to these illnesses. Imagine living next to a dumpsite where people often rummage through untreated garbage to find food or items to sell in order to purchase food.

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