Eight Quick Tips to Recycle More Plastics

It is evident to most that recycling can reduce pollution, create more jobs to stimulate the economy, conserve energy, reduce waste, and conserve more natural resources as well. Below are some quick tips that can help you recycle more plastics.

Get Rid of Every Plastic Bottle in Your Home

This includes every single plastic bottle in your residence. For instance, if you find a bottle that has a neck smaller than its body, then you should toss it into your recycling bin. In the United States, nearly three billion pounds of plastic bottles were recycled in 2016, which amounts to roughly a third of all plastic bottles in the U.S. We can follow their lead and increase our recycling efforts to make Canada a cleaner and greener country.

Don’t Forget About Your Plastic Containers

Sometimes people forget that their plastic containers can also be recycled in addition to their plastic bottles. For instance, you can recycle your condiment, sour cream, and yogurt containers, as well as containers with a clamshell design. In 2016, Americans recycled approximately 1.5 billion pounds of plastic containers, which is nearly five times the amount that they recycled in 2007.

Take Care of the Caps

Did you know that recycling organizations also want your container lids and bottle caps made of plastic? As such, you should twist on the caps before you throw them into your recycling bin. By doing so, you will make their jobs easier, and every little bit helps. What is quite neat about bottle caps is the vast majority are made with polypropylene plastic. In other words, plastic bottle caps can be recycled to make shipping pallets, bike racks, automobile parts, and even storage bins.

Take Your Plastic Shopping Bags to Your Supermarket

Most don’t know that their plastic grocery bags can also be recycled. In fact, there are nearly 20,000 retail and grocery stores in North America that collect plastic bags for recycling purposes. And it goes beyond plastic grocery bags, as most will also accept zipper bags, as well as bags for newspapers, produce, bread, and even dry-cleaning. Plastic wraps are also up for grabs, as most retailers will accept napkins, water bottles, and diaper wraps made of plastic.

If you have a bunch of plastic wraps and bags lying around the house, then make the trip to your local retailer or grocer and drop them off at the recycling bin at the storefront. Just remember to clean them first for sanitary reasons. Also, in 2016, Americans recycled nearly 1.5 billion pounds of wraps and bags made of plastic, which is nearly double the amount they recycled in 2005.

Go Above and Beyond the Kitchen

Most people who recycle will tend to focus on the kitchen, sometimes exclusively. However, you likely have a plethora of other plastic products lying around your house that you can recycle. For instance, you will probably find mouthwash, liquid soap, conditioner, shampoo, and body wash containers and bottles made of plastic in you bathroom. Cleaning and detergent products can be found in your laundry room, and you should find some automobile and gardening items in your garage that can be recycled. To make things a little easier on yourself, place small receptacles in different rooms so that you will be reminded to recycle, and you’ll end up recycling more items.

Take Your Recycling Efforts on the Go

Look for recycling containers at public parks, stadiums, and even beaches. If you are unable to find one, then you can store your items in a plastic bag and throw the recyclables into your home-based recycling bin. By doing so, you will be increasing the amount of products that you recycle, and will also reduce the amount of litter in your neighbourhood. The great news is that there has been a huge increase in the number of plastic recycling bins in North America. Some environmentally conscious companies have even created maps of public recycling bins, so you can easily find one in your area without having to look around randomly.

Celebrate While Going Green!

If you are thinking of throwing a big party, then you shouldn’t ask your guests to guess which items should be recycled and which should be thrown into the garbage. Place recycling bins around the home with signs that clearly indicate what items can be recycled. By doing so, you will encourage your guests to do their part in helping save the environment without any confusion. Did you know that large stadiums that host games and tailgate parties can generate huge amounts of waste? A single college football game can generate over 100 tons of refuse, so we need to increase our recycling efforts in any way we can.

Purchase Recyclable Products Only

Try and only purchase products that are made with recyclable plastics. Also, you can make kitchen tools and food storage containers with discarded yogurt cups. You can use plastic bags to make durable decks. Even milk jugs can be recycled to make furniture for the patio. Do you like looking your best while saving the environment? Then you can use soda bottles to make stylish fabrics for clothing that are both durable and soft.

In sum, plastic is a valuable material that should not be tossed into a landfill, but instead used to make a vast array of useful household products.

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