Creative Ways To Recycle Old Wooden Crates

Wooden crates have been used for centuries to transport produce and finished products, from fruits and vegetables to milk and wine. When they begin to age, these crates can either be repaired or replaced.

If a wooden crate has recently come into your possession, you may be looking for creative ways to repurpose it and capitalize on its aesthetic qualities. New or vintage, a wooden crate can be reused in many different ways, ranging from storage units to furniture to unique design units, all of which add the sense of warmth and cozyness associated with timber. Here are some creative ways to recycle wooden crates.

  1. External Storage Units

    Old wooden crates have a level of natural resistance to the elements. While exposure to the elements will cause the wood to deteriorate, your storage unit will look even more vintage and unique with time.

  2. Toy Storage

    Small wooden crates can be coloured and stacked together to create a wall storage unit for your child’s toys, and inserted into your little one’s room or play area.

  3. Living Room Storage Box

    Wood makes some of the best furniture. If you have been looking for a place to dump extra cushions or place your comforter when not in use, consider staining the wood, adding some handles to a crate, and making some other modifications to make the crate fit in with your room decor.

  4. Display Unit

    Consider repurposing an old wooden crate into a display unit by hanging it on one of your blank walls. Make sure that it is properly secured so it doesn’t fall from the weight of the flower vase, picture frames, sculptures, or whatever else you may choose to put in it.

  5. Small Boutique Display Unit

    If you have access to a few new or old crates, consider staining them and stacking them to create a storage or display unit for your small shop.

  6. Home Office Desk

    You can create a personalized work space by stacking some crates to support your desk board, and using some more as your shelves.

  7. Flower Planters

    You can create partitions and add soil to create a hanging garden of beautiful flowers.

  8. Glass Coffee Table

    You can secure a piece of glass over a wooden crate to create a coffee table.

  9. Balcony Seats

    You can use some sturdy crates to create a bench for your balcony and add some pillows for you to relax.

  10. Party Display

    Use the wooden crates to create a unique display for your party items.

There are countless things you can do with an old wooden crate using these ideas for inspiration.

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