7 Tips For Keeping Your Child’s Closet Clean

It is easy to get consumed with keeping all the rooms in your house clean and organized, and completely overlook the mess behind closed doors—like in your child’s closet. Don’t fret. With a little time and effort, your child’s closet can be clean and organized, and kept that way. Here are some easy tips to get you started on the path to a clean and neat closet.

Set Aside Enough Time

It’s important that you don’t underestimate the amount of work needed to clean the closet. Prepare as much as you can before the actual cleaning by creating a good plan for sorting and arranging the different items. Then give yourself enough time to complete the project, so you won’t need to come back to it later.

Empty and Purge

Remove everything from the closet to get the full scope of what you’re dealing with. Get rid of any old toys, clothes, and other clutter that your child does not need any more. Consider sorting the items in waste containers to separate what you might sell, donate, or throw out.


Labels make it easier to arrange the different items in the right place. Depending on the age of your child, use a combination of pictures and words to help him or her replace the items in the right place.

Explore Different Storage Options

Use different sized storage bins to store different items. Consider using small storage bins to hold small, loose toys in different drawers. Larger toys can be put in big bins, while the biggest bins can be used to store clothes.

Space Plan

Before you start placing items back in the closet, try to envision the most practical use of the space to make it functional for your child. You may consider arranging clothes for every day of the week, and placing the less used items at the top of the closet, such as extra bedding and seasonal items.

Install Hooks and Shelves

Fit bins or totes in low shelving units to help organize the different items. Use clips and hooks for your child to hang his or her book bags, coats, and hats.

Colour Coordinate

Besides using labels, consider using different bin colours to store different items. For instance, you can use blue bins for toys and yellow ones for inner wear garments.

Final Note

If you want the closet to stay neat and organized, make sure that your child can reach most of the essential items and easily put them back afterwards.

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