5 Ways to Repurpose Wood

These days, it’s all about the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Most people associate these words with plastic bottles and tin cans, but those aren’t the only things that can get the triple R treatment. One of our favourite things to recycle and repurpose is wood.

Whether it’s discarded baseboards and cupboard doors from a home renovation, or scraps from the trees in your backyard, there are a number of ways to repurpose wood that you should consider before hauling it to the dump. In fact we’re willing to bet that some of these ideas will convince you to head out into the yard to round up all the scrap wood that’s been laying around for years.

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  1. A wooden wall mosaic
  2. We love the layered look of this wall created scraps of wood from the junkyard. The effect is much more stunning than traditional tile or wallpaper, and a lot cheaper too. Wood disposal has never looked better.

    Wooden Wall Mosaic

  3. Build a Headboard
  4. Even if you’re not a handy man or woman, a headboard is an extremely simple project! We love the look of this one made of discarded driftwood. It’s beautiful in such a rustic way, and talk about a conversation piece. Add in the fact that it’s essentially free if you find repurpose the driftwood and have nails around the house, and you have an amazing way to update your bedroom on any budget!

    Build A Headboard

  5. Slab Table
  6. You can create a beautiful and rustic table just by attaching a slab of wood to a metal base. This project is especially perfect for the outdoorsy types- Imagine having a table like this as the focal point of your cottage or beach home.

    Slab Table

  7. Pallet Patio
  8. This patio is made almost entirely of discarded wood pallets! Easy, affordable, and not to mention visually stunning. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to find discarded wooden pallets once you start looking for them. If you’re having trouble, simply visit a grocery or hardware store and ask. They often have piles of them in the back collecting dust! You can help them with wood disposal, and build an expensive looking patio for next to nothing.

    Pallet Patio

  9. Firewood
  10. In the event that you simply can’t think of any project to repurpose wood, there’s always the failsafe fire wood disposal method (so long as the wood is unstained, untreated, and all nails have been removed). Why head to the store to buy logs when you have perfectly good wood at home? You’ll be doing the environment a big favour and saving money in the process.

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