5 Household Items To Get Rid Of In The New Year

Many people feel some kind of excitement and relief when getting rid of items that they don’t have use for. Decluttering is a tedious process, but once it’s done, the clean and organized rooms help to relieve stress and increase your focus. It also means that you will have more pleasant looking spaces, and access to things that add value to your life, improving your quality of life. When looking to declutter your home, there are a few common household items that you should toss, donate, or recycle.

  1. Old Prescriptions

    Your medicine cabinet is probably filled with dozens of prescription and over-the-counter drugs for every ailment or symptom ever suffered by your family. While it is okay to keep some medicines in your first aid kit, you should get rid of any drugs that you haven’t used in months or that have expired, because they’re unsafe.

  2. Old Towels

    Stained, discoloured towels are unsightly and unpleasant, and definitely shouldn’t be around at the beginning of the new year. Consider discarding any old, worn, or threadbare towels and upgrading your bathroom with a fresh set of towels.

  3. Receipts and Bills

    At the end of the year, most people have a myriad of old receipts and tags lurking everywhere in their home. Keep all important receipts—those for appliances, electronics, furniture, maintenance, and other items that may be under warranty—in a safe place, and toss the rest. Also, scan the important bills that you need for tax purposes or for future reference, and discard any unimportant paid bills.

  4. Event Tickets and Invitations

    Wedding, graduation, anniversary, and other invitations, as well as event tickets, can accumulate without you even realizing it. If you want to save them as reminders of certain memories, frame them or keep them somewhere, like a scrapbook, for safekeeping. Otherwise, recycle those invitations and cards or discard the damaged ones.

  5. Old Bath Mats

    All the mats in your home see a lot of foot traffic from your family and guests, especially during the holidays. They get dirty, stained, and worn down over time. Consider replacing them in the new year to give your home a fresh look.

Final Note: Get Rid of Electronic Waste

Most homes also have lots of electronic waste, from damaged phones and old chargers to broken headphones and torn speakers. If these items are obsolete and don’t match up to the other technology in your home, or can’t be used with any other device in your home, then you should ask your waste disposal company about ways to get rid of your e-waste.

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