4 Tips For Recycling Concrete

Until recently when environmental concerns supported a change in the way we viewed our use of the materials, products such as concrete were simply dumped into landfills, where they would take up space for many years. Because of the long life-span and durability of concrete, environmentalists have now found more effective means of utilizing the material.

Whether you’re a homeowner with leftover concrete from a construction project or a construction company operator unsure on what actions to take to recycle concrete, this article will help guide you on the process!

  1. Offer Your Concrete Via Online Listings
  2. If you have a large amount of concrete leftover from construction work, you might consider offering the material on Craigslist or another listings website. There may be construction companies looking for additional concrete for their projects and may even offer to pick up the concrete free of charge, since they will be able to use the material in future. This will help save you money during the recycling process.

  3. Contact Construction Companies Directly
  4. You might be able to work directly with a construction company by contacting their offices and offering the concrete for pick-up. Try to focus first on local companies that are working in your area, as they are more likely to see the value in driving to your home for pick up.

  5. Choose a Recycling Focused Bin Rental Company
  6. Bin rental companies offer a great option for those seeking a way to dispose of old concrete from their property. With companies like Gorilla Bins, you can rent a dumpster to load with your old concrete materials.

    Once all the concrete has been added and you’re ready for removal, simply call the rental company and they’ll haul the bin away. However, it’s important you select a company that completely recycles the concrete as part of their work.

  7. Work with Landscape Companies
  8. Due to its durability, concrete is often used within housing landscaping work. You may be able to find a local landscaping company willing to accept your concrete products.

    However, landscaping companies can often only accept small amount of concrete, so you should speak with a company representative on the phone before deciding to visit their location directly.

There are a number of options for ensuring your concrete doesn’t end up at a local landfill site. Follow the tips within this article and carefully dispose of all concrete products- You’ll then be playing an active role in protecting your community and protecting the natural environment!

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