3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Junk Removal Bin

Junk removal bins are super beneficial, both for you and the environment. Whether you’re looking to organize your home, remove construction debris, plan a remodel, or get rid of old items taking up space in your home, a junk removal bin is the solution to your problems.

Dumpster rentals are for everyone, and there’s a lot you can get done with them. However, they can be a little intimidating. They come in so many sizes and waste options that it can be hard to tell which bin is right for you. Picking the incorrect bin for your needs can lead to an overflowing dumpster and a racked-up bill. Reach out to our expert team to pick the right bin for your needs, and get started on throwing away the junk. We’ll sort through it, manage it according to its content, recycle, and you’re all done! We even clean up the surrounding area so your driveway or garden will be neat and tidy.

When throwing away your junk, it is important to be mindful of what and how you throw. The right method can help you get the most out of your bin in terms of space available to you as well as how you impact the environment. Here are 3 tips to ensure you get the most out of your junk removal bin:

Watch Out for Hazardous Items

Junk removal bins are great because you can throw almost anything in there and have it be disposed of safely. Whether it’s construction debris, old clothes and mattresses, or even scrap metals or objects like toilets or windows, you will benefit from renting a junk removal bin. However, you should be careful of hazardous items. Waste, such as flammable materials and cleaning chemicals, must be safely disposed of following certain procedures. This is because these materials are dangerous and so extra care must be taken in how they are stored and transported. Contact us for more information on which materials are hazardous and what to do if you need to dispose of them.

Make Sure to Organize Well

Most people have a lot of junk they want to get rid of quickly. We all want our decluttering or demolition projects to be over as fast as possible, but if you’re careless about how you throw, you end up using more space in your bin than necessary. Because bin rentals are based on capacity and weight, if you’re organized about how you throw, you may save more money (and space)!

It’s easy to manage your bin well if you follow a structured method. Below are some easy ways to arrange your junk:

  1. Organize by size: Start with the largest items at the bottom, and build from there. Throw your smallest items right on top. This method is great because it prevents the “Swiss cheese effect,” which builds up pockets of air on the inside, thus taking up more space. It ensures you utilize as much yardage within your bin as possible and eliminates the need for an extra one.
  2. Organize by category: We manage and organize your junk by category and recycle 100% of the contents. For example, clean wood is ground up and used for energy, and concrete is used for clean fill. If you go through your junk and determine the type of waste, it allows for better sustainability practices. You could also rent different kinds of bins for your needs so that organizing is based on category rather than size. Remember not to include hazardous materials when organizing by category.
  3. Organizing by schedule: If you’re working on a demolition or construction project, chances are you’ll need to dispose of the waste following the construction schedule. You could set up appointments every few weeks so that you’re constantly disposing of upcoming waste. We pick up bins one week after delivering them, so you may need to schedule a couple of appointments for a long-term project.

Do Not Overload Your Bin

A mistake we see often is when bins are filled beyond capacity. You probably have a lot of stuff to throw away, but if you toss it in haphazardly, it can quickly become a problem. Not only will you run out of space very quickly, but an overloaded bin can also become a transport hazard. Our bins have big barn doors for loading items easily, but the doors do need to open and close securely as well. Being vigilant about organizing will help maintain a neatly filled bin. Start with larger items and then the smaller ones to ensure your bin doesn’t overflow. If you have more items than anticipated, call us for a second appointment to get all your junk disposed of carefully.

There you have it: 3 tips on how to get the most out of your junk removal bin. Following these practices will reduce the hassle of a construction project or decluttering effort. If you need help figuring out the size and category of your bin, one of our advisors will be happy to assist you with the bin for your needs. To book an appointment, call Gorilla Bins today at 877-700-2467 or contact us here.

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