12 Ways a Rental Dumpster Can Help With Your Summer Projects

With summer around the corner, are you planning some major home renovation projects in and around your house? Even if you are not planning any home renovations, some summer projects may include cleaning out the garage or shed, landscaping, or tree removal.

Since these projects can get messy, it’s important that you don’t leave hazardous waste lying around. You also want to stay organized as the messier things get, the more time you’ll spend on cleaning up. Renting a dumpster from a waste disposal company is the best option for keeping your summer projects clean and running smoothly.

Before you hire a waste disposal company in Toronto, though, you need to prepare the areas on your property that are going to be worked on because a handful of contractors are going to be moving waste from your property to the dumpster bin. Here are 12 ways a rental dumpster can help with your summer projects.

1. Get Things Done Efficiently

It’s hot in the summer, so you need to work as efficiently as you can. By renting a dumpster, you know exactly where to dump everything, and this helps you stay on track with your schedule because you have the bin for the whole duration of your project.

2. Break Your Project Up into Phases

Renting a dumpster is perfect when you have multiple summer projects on the horizon because you can tackle everything at once. During the time you have it, you can estimate how long it’s going to take to complete multiple projects and you can divide each task into phases. The beauty of renting a dumpster is if you do not finish your project on time, you can always renew the rental contract and request another dumpster to finish up the final phase.

3. Save Money

Renting a dumpster is budget-friendly because you receive an estimate before starting the project. Once you get the outlined estimate from your waste disposal company, you can adjust your budget by adding other services and materials. The benefit of renting a dumpster is you are only responsible for paying one fee. You don’t have to worry about additional fees piling up as your project progresses and this saves you money in the long run.

4. It’s Easy to Fill a Dumpster

Imagine throwing all kinds of waste in garbage bags and bins. Filling up garbage bags, sorting them out, and having to dispose of them takes up a lot of time. It’s so much easier to rent a dumpster because all you need to do is move all the waste and debris to the bin and discard all of your materials in one place.

5. Dumpsters Can Fit Large Debris

If your summer project involves tree removal or discarding large pieces of debris, a dumpster can accommodate it. Dumpsters are big enough to hold tons of waste that wouldn’t be able to fit in garbage bags or plastic bins. You can thus rest assured that no job is too big for a dumpster.

6. It’s Eco-Friendly

Renting a dumpster bin is eco-friendly because you reduce using plastic garbage bags, and when the waste disposal company removes your bin, it decreases the CO2 emissions from the dump vehicle. Also, any biodegradable waste you eliminate such as tree trimmings, grass, plants, and leaves all have the opportunity to break down in a natural state.

7. It’s Convenient

Having one space where the rental dumpster is placed is convenient. The rest of your house is untouched because you have easy access to the space around your property. You can place the rental dumpster bin in a designated area such as the driveway where it’s easy to dispose of debris without affecting the interior of your home.

8. Ensure Safety

By having a dumpster rental placed in a designated area, it ensures safety for you and everyone involved in your project. By dumping all debris, garbage, and waste materials in one spot, you decrease harmful spills and accidents. When your summer project has come to an end, your contractor is experienced in complying with the laws and regulations when it comes to safely disposing of the waste in your rental bin. You don’t have to worry that your waste is going to be dumped in the wrong place.

9. No Need to Separate Waste Items

The advantage of renting a dumpster is you don’t get stuck with the responsibility of separating waste items. For instance, without a rental bin, you end up spending time sorting through yard clippings from junk items such as old furniture. When you rent a dumpster, every item goes into one place.

10. Get More Space

If you underestimated the amount of waste that your project needed, all you have to do is request for more space and the waste disposal company has a bigger dumpster ready. In fact, a bigger dumpster can arrive the same day you fill the original dumpster.

11. Take as Much Time as You Need

If you have an off-day between your summer projects, there is no pressure to rush through your project because the majority of waste disposal companies give you an extra day or two of rental without charging you additional fees. So, take your time and enjoy completing your project at your own pace.

12. Have It Promptly Removed

Once you have completed your summer project, the dumpster doesn’t have to sit in your driveway for days on end. Just give your provider a call and let them know it’s ready to be collected. Usually, the next day, it’ll be gone. Once it’s gone, you can admire your finished project.

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