Tips For Recycling Old Wood

Wood is one of the easiest products to recycle, and by keeping it out of landfills we’re doing a great service to the environment. In fact, recycled wood can be used for a great number of things like cooking, heating, or building new items like toys and furniture. Upcycled or recycled, used wood can always be repurposed. Here are some cool ideas on how to best recycle wood and wood products.

A Swinging Pallet Bed

Wooden pallets can be found just about anywhere that receive large shipments. If you look around you will find places that offer them for free. Pallets can be turned into anything from decks to beds; a novel idea is to create a bed that swings from a tree. Fasten rope to the pallet ends which can be attached to a strong limb of a tree. Add a comfy mattress and some pillows and you have yourself a unique relaxation spot on a warm summer’s day or balmy evening.


One of the simplest things to do is to use unique wood pieces—either in their natural state, painted or stained—as shelving that sits on brackets affixed to the wall. If you go through recycling containers, you’re likely to find pieces that have been discarded. They are perfect for holding pretty collectibles, flowers or plants, and add a rustic charm to a space.


Discarded wood can be turned into coffee or end tables, headboards, chairs, stools and more. All you need is a great imagination and a little bit of skill. Add some recycled pipe for legs to a slab of wood for a minimalist, industrial look coffee table. It’s sure to be a conversation piece and you can be proud you built it yourself.

Light Up Your World

Lamps can be created from just about anything, and wood is no exception. Driftwood is especially nice for these kinds of projects. Simply buy a light kit from a local hardware store and follow the directions. Add a funky lampshade and you have a unique centrepiece for any room.

Build it Back

The smartest way to reuse excess wood is to build it back into the building in some fashion. You don’t necessarily have to demolish walls in remodelling projects, just give them a new look. A wall made of different shapes and colours of wood would be original.

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