Junk Removal Bin Types & Sizes

Our disposal bins vary in size from 4 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. Our bins are equipped with rear opening double doors for your convenience. We take great caution in placing our dumpsters on your driveway and always make sure to place wooden planks so your property is not damaged.

Mixed Waste Bins:

Mixed waste is defined as household waste, construction or renovation debris. We do not accept any hazardous waste as part of our mixed waste program. For a detailed list of what items fall under hazardous waste please visit our FAQ section. For your convenience please see the list of some of the most common items found in mixed waste.
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Clean Fill Bins:

Clean fill is considered to be soil, brick, concrete, asphalt etc. We separate these types into different bins to be transported to the appropriate location. Brick can be ground down to make new bricks, as can concrete, and soil can be used as filler or for any other number of things. Asphalt must be kept separate from both clean fill and mixed waste, but we take care of that as well−it can be recycled and made into new asphalt.
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