When Is the Best Time to Renovate Your Home?

Congratulations on deciding to renovate your home! It’s one of the smartest investments you can make, as it will provide a great return on investment. A quality home renovation will set your home up for the future and improve your chances of an excellent appraisal.

However, you have probably considered the timing of your upcoming renovation. This is an essential factor that can impact your overall expenditure and renovation difficulty. Any time can be the right time to start a renovation if you have planned and strategized early enough. However, there are certain elements to consider, such as the weather and what kind of renovation you want.

In this article, we walk you through the main factors to consider when planning a renovation. This will help you decide the best time to renovate your home for your individual needs.

Consider Your Renovation Motive

First, think about why you’re renovating. Some people get a renovation to make their house up to date, modern, and more comfortable. Others renovate to flip a property successfully. Others renovate to increase the asking price of their home.

The reason you’re renovating will influence the time you choose to renovate. For example, if you’re planning to sell your house next year in the spring, then the fall or winter of the previous year is the best time to renovate. This is because it will provide you with the required time to have your home ready for public viewings in the spring. If you’re planning to renovate for the long term, you have a longer timeline for renovation.

Consider Seasonality

The season is the most critical factor to consider, especially in Ontario and other parts of Canada. You’ll likely need to hire a general contractor to manage your renovation. However, remember that most contractors are extremely busy during the summer and spring seasons.

Some individuals may wish to change their renovation plans to negotiate a better deal as the demand decreases. Then again, renovating in the winter comes with its problems. Snow and rain in the winter can result in longer timelines and complications with the work being done.

So which is the best time to renovate? Below, we break down the advantages of renovating in each season.

Renovating in Fall

The main benefit of this season is that you will avoid the busy building months. You can also ensure that your contractor will give your project the attention it deserves, rather than rendering it to just one project among many. However, many of the tools and resources your project needs might have been utilized already. The best materials and resources are usually taken by the time fall rolls around. For example, any home renovation project will need a garbage bin rental. Choosing to do your project in the fall may mean you don’t get the kind of bin you want.

Renovating in Spring and Summer

Many individuals believe that spring is the best time to renovate. However, the main disadvantage with this season is that prices are at their peak. Contractors are in high demand, as are workers, materials and garbage bin rentals. Spring and summer are great times to renovate because your project is likely to be unaffected by weather-related circumstances.

Renovating in Winter

Many homeowners are wary of renovating their homes in the winter. The winter season can indeed come with its drawbacks, primarily due to the weather. But because most people choose not to renovate in the winter, your project can benefit from massive savings. Materials will be cheaper, as will significant appliances.

Many manufacturers will have holiday sales to boost the demand. Prices also dip because people usually try to avoid building in the winter. In addition, the off-season will give you an incredible bargaining chip with your contractor. You will get a deal on their work while ensuring your project is built on schedule. Contractors generally have much less work in the winter – so this means construction companies usually complete winter assignments faster than in any other season. You will also ensure you get the best price for your garbage bin rental and get the maximum use out of them.

Best Time of Year to Carry Out Specific Renovations

Perhaps you’re planning a renovation in a specific part of the property. Construction experts suggest doing certain renovations during a particular time of the year.

  1. Kitchen, washrooms, and roofs: July to September is a great time to schedule these renovations. For example, roofing requires great weather, unimpaired by snow or rain. So this season is ideal for completing roofing works. The reason that washrooms and kitchens are best renovated this time of year is that contractors can complete indoor work away from the heat. If you’re going away for the summer, they can carry out their work without interfering with your daily activities.
  2. Decks: April to June is the ideal time to carry out deck renovation. The ground is softer in this season which makes it perfect for renovating or working upon. Your deck will also be ready in time for summer, ensuring that you can make full use of it.
  3. Outdoor work: Exterior painting, new construction and other outdoor work are ideally carried out between October and December. This will let contractors avoid the difficulties of building in extreme heat.

The bottom line is that the time of year you choose to renovate it is up to you – however, factors such as season, materials, availability and timeline will have a major impact on your decision.

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