What’s The Best Time Of Year For Bin Rentals?

If you’re investing in renting a disposal bin, it’s only natural that you want to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. As is such, we tend to get a lot of questions from potential renters along the lines of, “What’s the best time of year for bin rentals?”

The short answer is, well…there isn’t one! Bin rentals are useful all year long. Here are just a few of the advantages of renting bins during every season of the year.


A lot of people choose to rent bins during autumn to deal with all the mess Mother Nature tends to cause around this time of year. Between falling leaves, broken twigs and branches, and expired pumpkins, autumn can get very messy. Renting storage bins makes clearing these sorts of messes a breeze!

Ensure that when renting bins, you’re renting for the appropriate reason- a wood disposal bin would be better suited for outdoor jobs, while a regular bin or a mini bin would be great for when you’re cleaning house!


Winter is a season for entertaining, and anybody who’s hosted a Christmas or New Year’s party will most likely agree that entertaining can be messy. The empty bottles, paper plates, and scraps of food can be overwhelming to say the least. Renting a mini garbage disposal bin is an easy way to deal with the post-party carnage.

A lot of people also rent disposal bins specifically to deal with the hurricane of wrapping paper and empty boxes left over from the holidays.


Once the holidays are over and the weather starts warming up, a lot of people decide to finally revisit their resolution to keep the house tidy with a giant spring cleaning session.

Save time worrying about how to get rid of all the old clothes, broken appliances, and other odds and ends you’ve finally decided to toss. Renting a disposal bin will give you an easy, all-in-one-place solution to getting rid of the junk you’ve been holding on to.


Summer is the most popular season for home renovations, and as anybody who’s completed a home improvement project will confirm, renovations generate a lot of waste!

Whether you’re building a new fence, adding a deck extension, or revamping the kitchen, a garbage disposal bin will ensure that your renovation and renovation clean up will be hassle free.

I think we’ve made it clear, there’s no ideal time of year for bin rentals, because bin rentals are incredibly useful all year round! Regardless of the season, we know you won’t be disappointed with your decision to rent a garbage disposal bin.

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