What Can You Put in a Dumpster?

When disposing of a large number of items using a dumpster, like the ones you can rent from Gorilla Bins, there are a few restrictions that govern what you can throw in these bins. First, avoid throwing away food scraps. Letting food sit open in these dumpsters can lead to a pest problem, which only makes removing your junk harder than it already is. These types of waste should be disposed of in your composter or green bin. It is also very important that you do not dispose of any hazardous materials in junk removal bins. According to the Government of Canada, hazardous materials are any material that, if handled improperly, can endanger human health and well-being, the environment, or equipment. They are corrosive, flammable, explosive, or poisonous. This includes household items such as batteries, electronics, paint, medication, syringes, and much more.

So what can you put into your dumpster when you’re getting rid of your unused stuff or demolition debris? Gorilla Bins has put together a list of items that you can toss out with ease in order to help you declutter your home.

Clutter from Spring Cleaning

Over the years, old furniture can begin to accumulate around your home that you no longer have any use for. These items usually collect dust in the back of your furnace room, garage, or attic. Once you take on the gruelling task of moving and cleaning out the old Chesterfield, you will probably need a dumpster to be out with the old and in with the new. In the junk removal bin you can include anything from wooden chairs to couches and beds. However, furniture that has any built-in electronics, like dad’s old La-Z-Boy, may not belong in a dumpster and you might want to double-check with your dumpster provider. Electronics could be considered hazardous waste and you may have to dispose of them by other means for environmental and health reasons.

Landscaping Litter

Do you finally have the chance to create the yard of your dreams? Get down and dirty without the mess by renting one of our Gorilla Bins. This way, you can rid your yard of those pesky dandelions and plant some irises in your new top soil without worrying about where you will discard your yard waste. When you rent a commercial junk removal bin, you can put any type of yard waste in them. This includes trees that needed to be chopped down, mulch, and any old plants and shrubs. Give your garden a facelift without the worry.

Rubbish from Remodelling

For whatever reason you decide to renovate your home—you need a new roof, your house looks outdated, or your property was damaged—you will need a dumpster to get rid of the scraps from your project. When you start any kind of renovation on your home, you should not be surprised at the amount of materials that you will need to throw away. The junk that you can put in your dumpster should, for the most part, be solid trash. Common items placed in dumpsters when people refinish their home include wood, drywall, carpeting, wires, foam, flooring, and roofing materials.

Garage Sale Garbage

Have you noticed that tiny trinkets and your children’s childhood toys are unused and unnecessary? You might have forgotten all about them, but suddenly they have become a bother and don’t give you room for important things in this chapter of your life. Having a yard sale is the perfect way to make other people happy with your used goods while earning a profit and ridding yourself of unwanted clutter. No matter how successful your yard sale is, there is usually a good amount of items remaining. You can rent a dumpster to take these things off your hands with ease. You can put your children’s Barbie dolls, toy cars, bikes, camping gear, and even grandma’s glass decorations that she gave you every year for your birthday. Just be sure to not include any TVs, monitors, Game Boys, or Easy-Bake Ovens since these are considered hazardous waste.

There isn’t much that you can’t throw into a rental dumpster other than hazardous waste since it has negative effects on our environment and can be harmful to humans and animals. To dispose of these materials properly, you can read about hazardous waste disposal on your local municipality’s website, such as the City of Toronto. They provide a number of services such as Drop-Off Depots or the Toxic Taxi, which will pick up your hazardous waste and dispose of it.

Gorilla Bins vary in sizes so that we can cater to our clients’ unique removal needs. We rent bins that range from 4 to 40 cubic yards and we have rear-opening double doors to make your project safer and easier. Any of these bins can be used to dispose of your idle junk so that you can live junk-free.

We will accept almost all of your junk and dispose of it in the following ways:

  • Construction and demolition waste is sorted manually as well as by machine
  • Cardboard and paper goes to pulp mills
  • Plastic gets recycled
  • Clean wood is ground into chips and used for biomass energy
  • Concrete is used for clean fill
  • Scrap metal is sent to various local scrap dealers to be recycled

Check out our mixed waste bins and our clean fill bins, and view our rates online to rent one of our many bins for your next project.

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