Waste Disposal: 4 Do’s And Don’ts

There are certain household items that belong in a waste disposal bin and others that don’t. Garbage containers are necessary for certain things that aren’t recyclable or compostable, but oftentimes after being hauled away by a waste disposal company and arriving at a waste disposal site, on-site workers find stuff that should never have been put in the bin. Some items need special handling when we’re either done with them, or they wear out and need to be disposed of. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to getting rid of waste around your home or office.

  1. Renovation Rubbish

    If you’re home is undergoing renovations, you will have on-site refuse like roof shingles, excess wood, etc., that can be added to a waste disposal bin or dumpster. There is only only rule of thumb you need to memorize: if it’s not considered hazardous, it can be dumpstered. Your local waste disposal company can give you all the information and guidelines you’ll need.

  2. Hazardous Waste

    It is illegal to dump hazardous waste into garbage bins. This is a BIG don’t! Here are some common examples:

    • Propane tanks. These sometimes end up in garbage bins but they’re classified as hazardous since they can explode. There are proper methods to dispose of them. Check your municipal bylaws.
    • Any chemicals like paint, antifreeze, batteries, gasoline, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, solvents, varnish and like items should never be thrown in a waste disposal bin.
    • Medical items like sharps and needles.
    • Ink cartridges.
    • Fire extinguishers.
    • For a full list, contact your municipal bylaw office.
  3. Electronics

    Thinking of getting rid of that old boom box? Don’t throw it, or any electronic equipment, for that matter, in the trash can. Like fluorescent light bulbs and batteries, which also need to be disposed of properly and not in a waste disposal bin, electronics are usually full of heavy metals that don’t break down in landfill sites. Check local office supply stores. Many, like Best Buy, will take used ink cartridges and used electronics. Goodwill stores will also take them. Check with your municipality to see if there is a curbside pickup program or a drop off location for these items.

  4. Get the Facts

    Do consult a waste disposal company like Gorilla Bins, to get further guidance on what should and shouldn’t end up in a waste disposal bin.

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