Using Concrete Skip Bin Services to Manage your Construction Site’s Waste

Construction sites are inevitably filled with rubbish and debris. Regardless of whether you’re creating something new, renovating an old house, or making some changes in your office space, there will be rubbish and debris that require cleanup. Oftentimes, these sites are completely covered in sawdust and other floating bits that have settled. There are also bits of loose concrete from drilling or pouring new concrete. In many construction sites, there will be metal pieces laying around, some of which might be sharp or rusted. All of this built-up rubbish can make a construction site dangerous for both the construction workers and the people who live in and around the site.

Skip bins are bins created to help with the cleanup of construction debris, so you can secure the safety of your construction site. Construction workers are able to use these concrete construction bins by collecting and disposing of various different types of waste. In this way, these bins might even be more helpful than a usual dumpster rental.

What is a Skip Bin?

Skip bins are large containers shaped like baskets. They generally have an open top, and their interior is spacious and empty. They have a trapezoidal shape, and the edges are gently sloped to allow materials to be more easily inserted. Depending on the type of bin, there may be a door which will allow you to load and unload materials without needing to lift them.

What are Skip Bins Used for?

Like dumpsters, skip bins are used to collect large amounts of trash and debris at construction sites. Unlike dumpsters, the skip bin will be loaded on a truck after it becomes full. When the bin has been filled and loaded, it will be transported to a transfer station or a landfill. At this point, the bin will be emptied and, if necessary, brought back to the original site for further usage.

The sloping sides of these bins makes the emptying and hauling of material much easier than with a traditional dumpster.

When is a Skip Bin Appropriate?

There are a few different scenarios in which you might want to use a skip bin. In the construction industry, skip bins are prioritized for their efficiency and their ease of loading and unloading. Skip bins can make cleaning up a construction site much easier if a professional cleaning crew hasn’t been hired to do the job.

Unlike many other rentable bins, skip bins are made out of concrete. This means that they can carry substances that flimsier bins cannot, including concrete, heavy metals, glass, electrical materials, and heavy wood. They’re built to carry denser materials than dumpsters, and they also have a larger volume than most rentable dumpsters.

Benefits of Skip Bins

Increased Workplace Safety

Construction sites are full of risks for the people working at them, as well as for those living near the site. When construction is done, a number of different waste materials end up laying around. In some cases, these materials might be dangerous enough to injure a person who handles them. Debris also increases the risk of falls and slips during construction. Not only are injuries onsite terrible, but if they were caused by improperly contained material, you could be legally held responsible for them.

It’s easy to prevent injuries when you rent a skip bin and keep it onsite throughout the entirety of the construction project. Instead of leaving rubbish lying around, workers can place waste immediately in the bin. When they have a place to transport waste, you’ll also decrease your own liability should something happen because of improperly handled materials.

Expert Services

Many skip bin rental companies can also offer the advice and help of their experts. These experts understand the ins and outs of construction sites and construction cleanup. For an additional fee, you can generally hire experts to help with cleanup during or after the construction project. This allows your workers to stick with the areas in which they’re more experienced.

Expert services are always a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re working with a construction team that doesn’t have previous construction cleaning experience. Experts know how to dispose of waste in a safe manner, and will be knowledgeable about waste rules and regulations that you aren’t familiar with.

Better Time Management

Construction workers have an important job, and should focus on the main task at hand. Having a skip bin handy will save time for everyone — workers will have additional time to complete the project since you won’t need to allow as much time for site cleanup.

Eco-Friendly Choice

When you hire a team of experts along with your skip bin, these experts will often be able to provide you with waste management plans for your worksite. These plans allow you to manage the amount of waste accrued in the site while continuing to complete tasks in an efficient manner.

Your hired crew will sort the trash between recyclables and landfill garbage. To help protect the environment, they will maximize usage of recyclable waste found at the construction site. You won’t need to worry about sorting the materials yourself, as the crew will have extensive experience understanding the regulations for recyclables.

Gorilla Bins offers rentals of construction bins as well as dump trucks. If you need help cleaning up your construction site, give us a call at 905-230-1300, or check out our website.

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