Top 5 Ways to Expertly Handle and Dispose of Renovation Waste

Whether it’s a series of repairs and furniture replacements or a total fixer-upper project, renovating your home or a commercial space like an office or a store can be absolutely satisfying. The modern floor plan and upgraded design makes happy homeowners and tenants alike, as the new, stylish look polishes their favourite spots and functional spaces essential for business. All in all, it’s like handing them the keys to a cozier living experience, or a modern building that supports the needs of a growing business.

But once the dust has settled, it’s clear that there are some things left to take care of. That is, disposing of the pile of waste materials and garbage from your construction project properly. After all, storing all the scrap materials and junk in the property will instantly ruin the aesthetic that you worked on.

So, how do you finish your renovation project smoothly? Check out these pro tips for disposing of renovation waste, so your property is move-in ready in no time:

Repurpose or Reuse Items

Construction and renovation projects produce a lot of waste. But between taking down old parts and refining the materials you have on-hand to suit your project, you actually produce a lot of waste that can be repurposed.

Some of the most common waste materials in renovation projects are old boards and wood. Luckily, you don’t have to throw these out right away because these versatile materials can be easily repurposed. Old boards can be used for strapping—just make sure that you have enough left in good quality and consistent suitable dimensions. As for clean framing lumber, there’s no shortage of ways for it to be reused and repurposed, so make sure to consider your options instead of just chucking it out to the garbage.

Donate to Someone in Need

For you, scrap materials from a renovation project are already trash, but a lot of other people could benefit from them. Before you throw out floorboards, old windows, cabinetry, pieces of drywall, light fixtures, and even old, but still-functioning appliances, think of donating them first. Chances are, a lot of people in your area are looking for these reusable items; by helping them out you are also cutting down on waste, building green, and encouraging recycling.

Practice Proper Waste Disposal

It’s a good habit to segregate waste materials whether your renovation project is residential or commercial. This allows for safe and easy handling at waste disposal and recycling facilities. To make it easier to keep track of recyclables and waste items, it helps to keep similar items together, as they are likely to have similar disposal protocols. Make sure to separate non-recyclable and toxic materials, and when necessary, take extra precautions in disposing of them properly to avoid hazards.

Use Mixed Waste and Clean-Fill Garbage Bins

Sure, everyone keeps trash bins at home and dumpsters at the back of buildings, but when it comes to cleaning up after a renovation, you’ll need a more powerful solution.

Since construction projects produce different kinds of waste, you’ll want to be prepared to dispose of them safely using large and sturdy yard bins designed to handle both dry, recyclable items, and biodegradable materials. The best part is, having these bins on-site save you the trouble of figuring out where exactly each type of waste goes, since you’ll be able to dump similar materials in just one area for pick-up. Even long after the renovation is over, you can keep these bins on your property as a permanent waste disposal solution.

Mixed Waste Garbage Bin

All of the common renovation waste can be safely disposed of in a mixed waste garbage bin. Designed to handle drywall, plaster, wood, shingles and roofing materials, old furniture and appliances, scrap metal, trash bins, junk, and general garbage, mixed waste garbage bins are the all-in-one solution for disposing a huge chunk of waste from your renovation project.

For safe and efficient handling, it’s best to maintain a system when dumping trash in these bins; simply keeping like materials together can go a long way in separating recyclables from non-recyclables.

For small to medium size construction, the 4-yard and 6-yard bins are great options; for larger projects, budget-friendly rental options such as the 10-yard, 14-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard and 40-yard bins are available. No matter the size of your project and the amount of waste you need to dispose of and recycle, these mixed waste garbage bins are calibrated to store your trash all in one place.

Clean Fill Bins

The backbone of renovation projects are foundational materials — from soil and brick to concrete and asphalt, these materials need to be handled separately from other types of garbage.

It’s no secret that these waste materials can make quite a mess when not disposed of properly, which can easily ruin the aesthetic value of your property. The good news is, clean fill bins are specially designed to handle these materials. Whether used for landscaping, interlocking, or dig-outs, you can trust that clean fill bins can handle the waste from these materials, enabling safe and proper disposal.

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