Tips For Renting A Disposal Bin In The Winter

With the transition to a new season and the holidays just passed, home maintenance is about to switch gears. You may need to consider renting a disposal bin to discard trash left from holiday celebrations, to get rid of items as you make room for new gifts or purchases, or if the harsh weather has revealed an urgent need for home renovations.

Disposable bin rentals provide a great way for homeowners, households, and businesses to get rid of large amounts of debris that cannot be easily disposed of through the standard waste removal service. If you will be doing some winter cleaning at your home or business, a home renovation, or building remodelling, a rental bin will help your project run smoothly. Here are some useful tips for renting a garbage disposal bin this winter:

Clear Some Space

Before the bin arrives, it is important to clear some space in your driveway where the bin will sit during the rental period. If it has started snowing, remove any snow or ice, and clear the path to the bin to ensure that trash can be safely deposited. If the path and area around the disposal bin is slippery, consider salting the area to reduce the risk of slipping and other accidents.

Keep the Bin Closed

Keep the bin closed at all times to prevent precipitation from entering and filling the bin with water and ice. Make sure to cover the latches and fasteners to keep them from freezing. If this doesn’t work, you may need to warm them a bit so they are easier to handle.

Keep the Bin Clear

Don’t set anything beside, behind, or on top of the bin, or overfill it with trash. If you are not sure about the quantity of trash to expect from your project, ask the professionals to suggest a suitable bin size.

Protect Your Hands

Wear gloves when handling the bin during cold weather to keep your skin from coming in direct contact with frozen metal. Skin can freeze to cold metal, which at best can be a minor embarrassment, and at worst can result in serious injury.

Check Local Regulations

It is important to contact the local authorities to determine whether you need a permit to have a disposal bin placed in the street or near your building. Also, talk to the professionals about the items that should not be thrown into the bin, such as electronics, batteries, mattresses, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns about renting a garbage disposal bin rental this season, or about safe trash removal during winter, call our friendly staff today.

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