Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

Having a garage sale is probably one of the easiest ways of lining your pockets with some extra cash, so you’ll want to get the most for the things you may consider trash but could be someone else’s treasures.

Here are some sure-fire ways to make your garage sale a raging success:

  1. Make sure you advertise and promote it! It would be kind of silly to have a garage/yard sale and not let anyone know about it. You could place an ad in your local paper and use social media to your advantage. Let people know on Twitter and Facebook and other sites. Also, place signs around town on bulletin boards and telephone poles. Get the word out. The more people know about it, the more success you’ll have.
  2. Get help. Many people love garage sales. It’s important not only to have help setting up for the sale, but to manage the sale on garage sale days. They can help look over and clean up some items as well. This may be a perfect job for older kids to make a few dollars.
  3. Plan where you’re going to showcase items. It may be a good idea to group similar items in one area. Don’t just throw books into a box – why not line them up or pile them on top of each other. If you make things visually appealing, more people will be interested. The things that are sure to be popular should be near the front to catch people’s eyes and help lure them into the rest of the sale area.
  4. How much? Have price stickers on items. People love to haggle, but at least give them a starting point.
  5. Work it! Don’t just sit there! Get out into the crowd. Say hello. Ask if there’s something you can help them with or if they’re looking for something in particular. Be friendly and smile!
  6. Fashion a good impression. Just because it’s a garage sale, doesn’t mean it can’t be a cool place. Have some upbeat music playing. If you have kids, maybe they can have a refreshment stand set up. Make it fun for people who stop by.

Once you’ve had your sale and you’re still left with items, Gorilla Bins will help you out. They have different sized bins for you to dispose of your unwanted items. Talk to them today to see how they can help.

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