Seven Types of Projects That Require a Dumpster Rental

It is almost spring, which means many Canadians will be taking on spring cleaning or renovation projects. One of the best ways to ensure that your project runs smoothly is to rent a dumpster to handle the waste. Consider it an investment into the success of your spring project. No matter what work you have planned for your home, office, or commercial space this year, renting a dumpster is a cost-efficient way to manage the waste you produce.

Types of Projects that Require a Dumpster

No matter what type of spring project you are planning, renting a dumpster can help you manage the waste from the work. If you will be doing any of the following projects, it’s a good idea to organize a dumpster rental ahead of time.

  1. Renovation: Whether you are looking to change some part of your home or you want to update the look in your office, renting a garbage bin to handle the messy part of the job is a wise choice. You can be sure that whatever work you are doing inside will create a lot of waste. Dumpster rentals can be a handy place to store all that garbage and get it out of your way so you can focus on the job of fixing your home or office.
  2. Spring cleaning: When winter starts to fade away, we all get the itch to clean up and clear out the things in our homes that we no longer want. Whether you need to make more space in your basement, attic, or clear out your garage, consider renting a dumpster to help you with the task. Depending on how much you want to remove and whether you are disposing of larger items like furniture or appliances, there’s a garbage bin that will work for the job.
  3. Concrete projects: Once the snow has melted, it’s a good time to tackle those concrete jobs around your home or commercial property. Adding a patio, repaving your walkway or driveway, or creating a nice outdoor space to enjoy are projects that involve concrete and can create a lot of waste. Renting a dumpster provides you with a place to put the debris, which keeps the construction area safer by containing the mess and dust. It can also make the project run more smoothly.
  4. Roofing projects: Your roof shingles need to be replaced about every 10 years. If this is the year to repair and replace your roof, having a dumpster rental nearby can help you handle the waste without interrupting the work. By placing the bin underneath your roof, you can simply toss the old and worn pieces inside the dumpster. This can save you time and energy, and allow you to focus on getting your new roof elements put on correctly.
  5. Landscaping: Dumpster rentals can come in handy for all sizes of landscaping jobs, from gardening projects to larger yard work. Garbage bins are an ideal place to discard soil, old tree branches, shrubs, and other plants. One of the best things about dumpster rentals is that they are considered mixed waste bins. That means you can discard a variety of debris and other materials in the same bin including:
    • Shingles and roofing material
    • Construction material (drywall, plaster, wood)
    • Construction and demolition waste
    • Yard waste
    • Old furniture and appliances
    • Scrap metal
  6. Moving: Spring and summer are the perfect time for moving house. If you have a move planned, consider renting a dumpster to help you with clearing away unwanted items like furniture, clothing, appliances, and more. Having a garbage bin to dispose of those items that you can’t sell and don’t want to take with you can make packing faster. In addition, many dumpster rental companies will sort out your unwanted items to find things that can be recycled. They will also take these items where they need to go. This helps protect our environment and prevent good, usable items from piling up in landfills.
  7. Community collection: If you only have a few large items that you’d like to get rid of, consider hosting a community collection event. Many times by banding together with your neighbours, you can all clear away your unwanted items by renting a large dumpster for a few days. Have everyone bring down their broken or unwanted belongings and put them in the dumpster. You can also make it a bigger community cleanup project by gathering litter and other items that have been piling up in the neighbourhood. You’ll not only get rid of those unwanted things in your home, but you can get to know your neighbours a little better in the process. It’s a win-win.

The Benefits of Dumpster Rentals

Regardless of what you’re working on or how much garbage you need help disposing of, renting a dumpster has many upsides including:

  • Storing your waste until you’re ready to have it removed
  • Various sizes and capacities of garbage bins are available
  • Online booking
  • You can rent it for a day, week, or even longer to fit the size and scope of your project
  • Having a bin delivered and picked up from your property
  • Knowing that many of your unwanted things will be recycled
  • Saves you time, effort, and money


Although you can rent a dumpster any time of the year, many Canadians opt for spring cleaning projects. No matter what the size and scope of your springtime project are, renting a dumpster can be one of the best investments you can make. It allows you to focus your time and energy on getting the project done right. You won’t have to worry about how to handle the debris and waste from your renovation, landscaping, or construction project. Simply book a dumpster rental online and let the professionals bring it to you.

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