Seven Tips for Your First Home Renovation

Planning your first home renovation can be a daunting experience. However, with careful planning and the right choices, you can ensure that your home improvements add value to your property. Below are seven tips to help you plan your first home renovation.

1. Make renovations that meet your needs

When you’re planning your home renovations, don’t think about resale value. It’s much more important for you to consider what improvements add to your life and what you really need to make your home more livable. You’ll be surprised at how many buyers are out there who are looking for the same things that you are in a home—it’s always best to act on instinct.

2. Renovate according to your family needs

You need a home that suits your family, not a magazine ideal. Before you start your renovating project, consider the problems that you and your busy family face in your current home. Once you have a few things in mind, think about how you can use your renovation to resolve these issues, rather than exacerbate them.

If you’re having issues with your family leaving their coats and shoes in your foyer, consider expanding cupboard space or having a custom storage unit created to keep the place less cluttered.

3. Stick to your budget

It’s very easy to go over-budget when it comes to renovation projects, especially when your wish-list is larger than your budget. If this is the case, it’s better just to get a few of the things you want, rather than everything.

The best way to stay on budget is to make a list of wants and desires, and then decide what your must-haves are. However, never compromise on the quality of materials and craft.

4. Don’t follow fads

When planning your renovation project, opt for a timeless classic look and quality. This means avoiding fads at all costs. If you start thinking about fads over fixes that add value and longevity to your home, you can’t guarantee that your home will retain its value.

You can always add an artistic flair in other ways that do not equate to permanent elements of your home.

5. Stick to the style of your home

When considering changes to your home, think about its overall style. Your renovations should keep in character with your home. If you’re not sure what direction you should take, it is easy to enlist the help of a professional designer who can help ensure that your renovations or additions don’t take away from the look of your home. As well, following the design of your home will make sure your changes don’t look glued together, but that it was always meant to be there.

6. Start planning early

As with any project, start planning early! No matter how long you think a construction project is going to take, it will take much, much longer. House owners often underestimate the time needed to get plans approved, get permits, and collect materials. Also, consider fitting your timeline into your contractor’s schedule (and they always take longer than quoted).

When planning your renovation project, speak with your designer right away so you can get the ball rolling. The sooner you can get started, the better, and the less disruption it will cause to your life.

7. Shop around for contractors and materials

Start shopping! Never settle for the first quote you get from a contractor and always shop around for the materials you want. It would be best if you had the right contractor for your particular renovation, so interview and ask for quotes from several others. Also, ask if they think they can commit to your timeframe. We recommend that you request references and visit their website to look at reviews before you make a final decision.

While you are waiting for a contractor, it’s a good idea to start collecting your materials for the project. This allows you to find the right products for your home and stick to your budget.

Enjoy the Process

No matter what your project is, enjoy the process of creating your dream home. More importantly, if you are ready to begin your renovations, contact one of our professionals at Gorilla Bins today!

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