Seven Innovative Ideas For Recycling Plastic Bottles

Up-cycling, sustainable design, junk art…whatever you want to call it, there is a lot to be gained from getting creative with your trash. With all the plastic bottles we go through, it’s worth finding a way to reuse them. Fortunately, there are ways to recycle them that are useful, creative, and even beautiful. It just takes a bit of thinking outside the box…or rather, the bottle!

  1. Bottoms Up

    Bottoms Up Ways

    Take a look at the bottom of a plastic water or pop bottle sometime. You’ll notice they have a distinctly flower-like shape. By cutting the bottoms off of empty bottles, you can create a bouquet design, even a hanging tapestry. No one will even guess!

  2. Light it Up

    Coloured Water Module

    All it takes is an empty, coloured water module and an LED light module and you can create a modern looking, coloured light which can be mounted or hung.

  3. Carton-to-Garden

    For a sturdier container, look to larger plastic milk or juice cartons. Using them as planters can give your garden a totally innovative look. You can also use the bottoms of large pop bottles, or really, anything else you think would look great!

  4. Creative Plastic Bottles

  5. Bottlecap Creativity

    Creative BottleCap

    Whether large scale like the image above, or small scale like an art project or home decoration, saving and reusing bottle caps can lead to beautiful designs.

  6. Store It

    Plastic Bottle As Storage

    There are many ways you can use plastic bottle as storage, and as you can see above, they can be quite aesthetically pleasing. Play with different colours and textures of bottles to find the design you like best.

  7. Stamp It

    This one is especially fun and easy, and would make a great rainy-day art project. All you need is a bottle, and whatever colour paints you want!

  8. Stamp It Ways

  9. Paint Right Over

    No one will even know these cute planters are made with recycled bottles!

    Recycled Painted Bottles

    Use them as planters, candle holders, storage…it takes a little skill, but for the artistically inclined, these can even make great gifts.

When it comes to the environment, recycling is a hugely important way of creating positive change. Up-cycling makes it fun! For unique, beautiful pieces, whether functional or decorative, you will definitely get compliments on your sustainable design.

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