Rental Bins and Safety: What you Need to Know

When you rent a bin, it is because you have a high volume of materials that you need to eliminate. A bin can be delivered right to your home and placed in a location that is convenient for you to access. Whether you have garbage or are working on a clean-up project, please review these important safety tips to ensure that you are not injured working with or around a bin.

  • Wear the proper safety gear that is appropriate for the debris or garbage you will be handling. Wear work clothes, eye protection, proper footwear and gloves.
  • Never overfill the bin, because when it is removed items could fly out of the bin when the truck drives down the road. Flying debris can be extremely dangerous on a highway.
  • Make sure that the bin is not placed near electrical lines. When your bin is delivered, the professionals will ensure that it is put in a location that is appropriate and safe.
  • When you fill the bin, try to fill it evenly so that there will be no overflow or spills once it has been loaded onto the truck that will pick it up.
  • Keep children and pets away from the bin to ensure that they are not injured. Never allow a child to climb inside the bin.
  • Never attempt to move the bin yourself. If you need the bin moved at all, call the bin owner and have them move it for you.
  • A bin should never be replaced on top of concrete because concrete may break or crack under the excess weight.
  • Your bin company may be aware of any restrictions or rules that affect the neighbourhood you reside in. Call your local residential authorities to check on those rules and restrictions to avoid any unwanted fines.
  • Always wear comfortable and breathable clothing that will not catch or snag on the bin.
  • Never block access to the bin. The truck that dropped off the bin needs to be able to access it so that it can be loaded for removal.
  • Keep the area around the bin clean and free of debris so that there is no risk of injury or contamination.
  • Never place flammable or toxic items in the bin.

Find out exactly what you can place in the dumpster. Make sure that you never put hazardous or toxic waste into the bin. When your bin is delivered, you will be informed what can and cannot be put into the bin. Make sure that you are cautious with what you put in the bin, especially where safety is a factor.

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