Preparing for the Arrival of a Dumpster Rental

Booking a rental dumpster is a great idea for many tasks around the home. Whether you are moving, planning a large renovation, or just tidying up the yard after a rough winter, a rental bin will help keep your home neat and clean while containing all the relevant waste.

Once you have chosen the right size for your project and booked your rental, it is important to make sure your property is actually ready to receive it! Your bin cannot go just anywhere and you will need to spend some time making sure you have a plan in mind for when it arrives. You’ll likely want to place the bin as close as possible to the construction site, but the delivery truck will need room to maneuver in order to drop it off and pick it up when you are done.

Here are a few things you will need to figure out before your bin arrives at your property:

  1. Accessible location
  2. As mentioned, the delivery truck will need some space to deliver and remove your bin when you are done with it, so put careful thought into what parts of your property are accessible and close enough to your construction site to be convenient. Many homeowners find that the driveway is really the only place that provides enough space for the delivery truck to operate, but you may have other options depending on the size and shape of your property.

  3. Strong, stable surface
  4. Even when empty, dumpsters are pretty heavy. Once they are full of all your junk, they will be a lot heavier. Be sure that the surface you are planning to have the dumpster placed on is strong and stable enough to support the weight without shifting or sinking.

  5. Move vehicles
  6. In order to give the truck all the room is needs to maneuver, it’s always a good idea to move your vehicles as far out of the way as possible. Park on the street if you are allowed, or ask a neighbor if you can use their driveway temporarily.

  7. Maintain access to your yard & garage
  8. Don’t forget to consider what areas of your yard and garage you will need access to while the bin is in place. If you are keeping the bin for even a couple of days, you will likely want to put a fair bit more thought into its placement than if you are only going to have it for only a day.

  9. Consolidate and sort garbage
  10. If your rental is for a short amount of time, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by sorting your garbage before it arrives. Don’t forget to look up which items cannot be placed in a rental dumpster before disposing of your waste materials!

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