Items for Which You Need Professional Junk Removal

It seems like only yesterday that we were able to simply compile all the debris from our home-based project and simply dump it to the curb while we went about our business. Some treasure-hunters would scavenge the area, looking for their next big score, or a local waste removal company would arrive to remove any unwanted debris for you. However, times have changed, and some municipalities will no longer remove certain items, or may require that you follow a given set of steps before they will haul away your junk.

Certain items, such as those that are either too big or too heavy, may not be collected. So you may require the services of a professional junk removal company in Toronto in order for your especially large or heavy items, or things that you cannot dismantle on your own, to be properly collected and disposed of. Here, we discuss some of the items for which you may need a professional junk removal company.

Antiquated Automobiles

Old vehicles, such as a broken down scrap vehicle, cannot be moved around easily unless you possess superhuman strength. Many people who possess such vehicles and want to remove them quickly will call a local towing company to get rid of their problem. However, we would suggest that you call a local scrap provider instead. This is because you may actually be able to make some money from your seemingly worthless or obsolete truck, van, or automobile. Many old vehicles contain metals that have value, so it wouldn’t hurt to call a local scrap provider to see if you can get some cash for your old vehicle.

Metallic Doors

Doors that are made with metal components can not only be arduous to maneuver but can also be dangerous when not handled with care. The size of the metal doors will be something that you need to factor in, but even moving smaller metal doors can prove to be difficult, and may need the strong hands and deft touch of an expert.

At the very least, you will need the proper tools before you even begin considered extracting and moving the metal doors. So, calling a professional junk removal company will take care of the issue without hassle, as they will provide all of the tools and expertise required in order to get the job done right and without incident.


It goes without saying that all appliances will eventually fall apart and be rendered obsolete. Certain appliances, such as an old stove, can usually be moved to the curb or street with some effort, but larger appliances may be impossible to move on your own without causing serious damage to the property or to yourself. For instance, you may not be able to move a freezer, washer, dryer, or refrigerator on your own, or even with the help of a friend or family member.

As such, we would suggest that you not risk serious injury to your back by calling the pros to come to your home and eliminate all of your damaged, defective, or unwanted appliances for you with ease and with zero risk to yourself, the environment, and your property.

Equipment for the Yard

Yard equipment in particular can be very dangerous when not handled with care, so why risk serious injury to yourself or to your loved ones? For instance, snow blowers and lawnmowers utilize very sharp blades that can cause serious injuries when not properly disposed of. Lawnmowers and snow blowers are also built to last, which means that they are very durable. They are also very heavy and, as such, are very hard to scrap.

You will also need to remove the batteries that are housed within each unit, and to safely eliminate any gasoline and/or oil, if applicable, as such items are flammable, making them a potential fire hazard. Hence, the only surefire and safe way to properly dismantle, collect, and dispose of most yard equipment is to call a professional junk removal and disposal company in the GTA.

Storage and Shelving Units

While storage units and metal shelving can prove to be quite useful for your home-based storage requirements, they can also be quite difficult to eliminate once they have worn out their welcome in your home. This is primarily due to their weight, but they may also cause issues due to their awkward shape and size.

In addition, they may possess edges that are pointed and sharp, which will increase the risk of cuts and other bodily harm. Hence, the easiest, safest, and most convenient way to properly dispose of such items is to call in the experts to take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Exercise and Play Equipment

If you have children that have grown up, then you may be thinking of getting rid of their old play equipment, which may include old monkey bars, swing sets, and slides. Moreover, play equipment are usually made to take abuse, which means that they are designed to be durable. They are also often very hard to disassemble and can prove to be unwieldy.

Exercise equipment can also be very hard to get rid of, as you may have to deal with many pieces that are awkward to handle. Indeed, some pieces may be very heavy and may place a great strain on your lower back. Certain items, such as treadmills, will also include motors that will make them even more difficult to move. Again, calling in the pros will ensure that all of your unwanted play and exercise equipment are properly disposed of.

Gorilla Bins

If you require the services of a professional, reliable, affordable, and efficient junk removal company in Toronto, then please visit our website or call us at 877-700-2467 for a free and comprehensive estimate. At Gorilla Bins, we go bananas over junk, and we will be more than happy to dispose of all your unwanted items with tact, integrity, and verve.

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