How To Recycle Makeup The Right Way

We don’t want to leave more of an environmental footprint on this earth than we already are, and it seems something we use to make us more attractive is making the earth uglier. Makeup has been around for eons. The ancient Egyptians used it to feel more appealing. We use it today more than ever. So, what do we do if we want to be both beautiful and environmentally conscious? We find ways of lessening the impact of the packaging that’s left when we’ve used up that eyeshadow or lipstick.

First, Do a Purge

Look through your makeup collection and see what can be recycled. Are there items that have been there for months, or maybe even years? Time to put them in the recycle pile. Check expiration dates. For makeup to be safe and clean, it should be used before it’s expired.

How to

The makeup that has been shoved to the back of your drawer or is consistently at the bottom of your makeup bag should be looked at first. If you still have makeup from high school and you’re well into adulthood, the decision is not difficult. It goes.

On the other hand, if there are some items that are still useable, but for whatever reason (turned out to be the wrong colour, etc.) you don’t use them, you might want to consider giving them to a friend, or donate them to a local women’s shelter. They’ll be sanitized and given to those who can’t afford to purchase them.

Check Product Labels

Some cosmetic manufacturers have recycling programs. Check the brands you’re using and go online to see if that’s the case, or you can contact their office directly. Most companies have a stewardship program includes recycling, with a buy-back option for empty containers. If you’ve struck out regarding buy-back, perhaps the containers can be reused for something else. Get rid of any residual makeup from the container and then sanitize it.

Recycling Centres

Another option is to find out about your municipality’s recycling programs. There you will find a definitive list on what can and can’t be recycled. Most areas will accept most plastics (other than straws, cling wrap, and cutlery). All makeup palettes and compacts are most likely recyclable. Remember to clean them out before depositing them into recycling containers. The exception to the rule are most tube products like lipstick and mascara. They will probably have to be thrown in the garbage.

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