How to Properly (And Safely) Dispose of Concrete Waste

Whether you are experienced with home renovation projects or are a DIYer who is just starting with your first project, one thing is clear: you need to take out the trash during and after project completion. Before you can take the garbage to the curb, realize that some materials require special treatment, and this is where things become tricky. Concrete disposal can be a challenge because you can’t just dump it anywhere. The appropriate authorities must handle bricks, blocks, and sections of concrete. This will ensure that concrete disposal meets municipal and provincial regulations. There are many methods to remove concrete, though, and here we will highlight some of the ways that you can solve your disposal problems.

How to Get Rid of Concrete

There are several methods for concrete disposal, and some require some extra heft when the project is large in scope. Taking out an old concrete driveway or patio will demand the services of a professional operation to get the job done right. If the work is in the commercial vein, then a third-party with experience in disposing of concrete is a must to get the needed results.

Rent a Bin

  • All commercial and large home renovation projects will need a bin for recycling concrete. A recycling bin can handle a large volume of material and is cost-effective for concrete disposal. The process is simple: the bin is delivered, the customer loads the concrete, and then it is removed on the agreed-upon date. As the customer, you don’t need to be home for delivery or pick-up—a definite bonus for a busy project manager. Renting a bin for concrete disposal is a pay-one-price arrangement that is affordable for every budget.

Social Media and Classified Ads

  • Using social media can be an alternative to concrete disposal. Contractors and DIYers are often looking for materials to repurpose that will save them money on their projects. You may be able to sell the concrete, but, in most cases, an arrangement to haul the materials away for free is the best you can hope for when you post an ad. Finding someone to pick up the concrete is a benefit, as there is no cost to giving away the concrete, and you’re recycling.

Leave the Concrete at the Curb

  • Some people patrol our streets daily, looking for free items to recycle or repurpose. If you live in a high-traffic area, this solution could be best for you. Lots of traffic means lots of people looking over your offerings. It doesn’t take long for someone to come along and scoop up what you have at the curb, and it is a free concrete disposal option. Remember, too, that there is very little work involved: get the material to the curb and wait for it to disappear.

Use a Junk Removal Company

  • Using an agent is sometimes a hit or miss proposition when looking for a junk removal company. You have to call different companies first to find out who can handle concrete, and then work out a deal. The junk company will then schedule a window of opportunity for a pick-up and provide a cost estimate before they begin. Junk removal companies service specific projects, and you must know what they do best before you assign your work to them. The company does the back-breaking work of loading the concrete in a bin for you, and you then have a dedicated date for removal.

Check with Building Materials Supply Companies

  • Larger supply companies will consider taking your old concrete for free. The catch here is that you must deliver the concrete to their site and unload it at the supply location.

Landscaping Companies Will Accept Recycled Concrete

  • As we move towards a more sustainable world, some “green” landscaping companies are on the lookout for recycled concrete. This can be material that houses flowerbeds, builds retaining walls, creates garden paths, and any other imaginable use.

Haulers Can Help

  • You can find these service providers on many social media websites, and they can be the right answer to your concrete disposal problem. Using a hauler will come with a cost, however, and the amount of work they need to do will be built into the price. Be honest with the hauler off the top; if the materials need handling, costs will increase.

DIY (Dump it Yourself)

  • Using a pick-up truck, you can dump your concrete at a transfer station or a local landfill. Your local landfill site may have days set aside to drop off refuse free for residents. However, if you are dumping the concrete yourself, make sure to contact the landfill or transfer station first to determine if they can accept it. Finding the right place for concrete disposal guarantees the elimination of the product from your home or worksite. Also, DIY dumping lets you work at your own pace.

Disposal Options and the Associated Costs

Junk Removal Companies

  • This method will see up to two tons of concrete removed from your location. There are some conditions to be met, though. Stacking concrete in a junk bin means you have less than two feet of space to stack on for an 80-foot square box. The costs range from $250 for a quarter bed load to $550 for a full bed.

Dumping it Yourself

  • At landfills or transfer stations, the cost to dump concrete fluctuates between $32–$40 per ton. It might make sense if you have a small load of concrete to remove. But the additional costs, such as truck rental, gas, time, loading the truck, and hauling the materials, aren’t accounted for in the dumping expenses.

Renting a Bin

  • Renting a bin for concrete disposal makes the most sense. Large construction projects and substantial home renovation projects will benefit from a bin rental. The customer can control the timeline and have the materials loaded at the pre-appointed time for removal. The cost for a bin starts at $199 for two tons of concrete. On average, the cost to rent a 10-yard bin is $369, with a maximum of $569 depending on fees associated with dumping.

As we have shown, renting a bin is the most cost-effective way to get rid of unwanted building materials such as concrete. When you need to rent a bin for the project, contact us at Gorilla Bins.

We are the Greater Toronto Area’s source for bin rentals of all sizes. Our prices are as competitive as any in the GTA. Our years of experience working with consumers and construction companies is what sets our service apart. For a free estimate or some good advice for your disposal project, call us today at 905-230-1300.

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