How to Prepare for Dumpster Drop-Offs

Preparing for a dumpster drop-off takes time and effort. As such, it is highly recommended that you prepare the area where you intend to have the dumpster stationed well ahead of time in order to facilitate delivery. By doing so, you will not only save time in the long run, but also avoid any hassles when the driver arrives to drop off the dumpster bin. In this article we will be discussing quick and easy tips that will allow you to prepare for dumpster drop-offs so that the entire process will be devoid of any issues.

The First Step

First and foremost, you must book the dumpster. To do so, you will need to either call the dumpster rental company or book an appointment with them via their website. Also, while you are in discussions with the dumpster rental company, make sure to ask them if the spot you plan on preparing for the drop-off is a viable option.

Prohibited Areas to Look Out For

There are certain locations or areas that you will want to avoid when preparing for the dumpster drop-off. For instance, you should avoid any surfaces that are too sandy or soft, as such surfaces may cause the dumpster to become wedged or stuck. Steep hills are also an absolute no-no, as placing a dumpster on top of a steep hill may cause it to shift or move. In some cases, the dumpster may end up being damaged or may damage the property of local residents or local commercial buildings if it moves too far.

Even parking a dumpster on the side of a street in your city may be illegal in some cases, and may cause the dumpster to be towed at your expense. You may even be subject to additional fines. In most cases, you will require a dumpster permit, so ensure that you have already obtained one before you book a dumpster for a drop-off.

The Best Spots For Dumpster Drop-offs

We would recommend that you find a spot that is both hard and flat for the drop-off. Examples may include hard-packed dirt, a street, a parking lot, or an asphalt or concrete driveway. In some cases, you may not be able to find such areas in which to drop off the dumpster, so you may want to discuss with the dumpster rental company beforehand about alternative drop-off options. For instance, in some cases it may actually be possible to set the dumpster on a sandy or soft surface, provided that you prepare the area thoroughly ahead of the scheduled drop-off by setting plywood or other such items on the ground.

Eliminate Any Obstructions

Arguably, the ideal way to prepare for delivery is to facilitate the driver’s delivery of the dumpster by cleaning the designated drop-off area thoroughly. To do so, you will need to eliminate any obstructions that can make the delivery a challenge. Examples may include fences, trash bins, children’s toys, automobiles, and debris that may be obstructing the drop-off spot. It is also worth noting that a conventional roll-off vehicle will require a copious amount of space in order to unload the bin, so you will need to keep that in mind while you are cleaning and clearing the drop-off zone for the delivery truck.

Damage Prevention is Paramount

As previously mentioned, one of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of damage to either the dumpster, the truck, or any adjacent property is to clean the area of any possible obstructions. That is, if the driver is required to maneuver their vehicle by quite a bit, then the risk of damage will increase significantly. Moreover, you can further reduce the risk of property damage by setting boards below the contact points where the bin will meet the ground.

By doing so, you will drastically reduce the risk of damage to the surface of the parking lot, street, or driveway in question. Moreover, not all rental bin companies are created equal. That is, while some will put in the effort to protect your property from damage, others may not, so speak to a representative from the company beforehand to find out what their policies are on damage prevention.

Asphalt and concrete, in particular, are surfaces that are vulnerable to damage. As such, you can help prevent any damage caused by the excess weight of the dumpster by setting boards or plywood below the bin. We would also recommend that you plan ahead and place the boards or plywood at the designated drop-off area before the driver actually arrives at your property.

Please note that the plywood may become damaged or broken due to the weight of the bin. However, we would argue that it is a small price to pay, as any damage to the driveway will cost significantly more to repair. Also, in most cases dumpsters do not actually cause any damage to property, albeit there is a minimal risk involved when the dumpster loads are very heavy.

Finally, please be prudent when you are loading heavy debris, such as shingles for roofs, concrete, and dirt, as the load should be kept below the weight limit of the bin to avoid any possible issues.

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