How To Get Rid Of Your Household Junk

Clutter can get the better of all of us at some point, but there’s no need to remain in a cluttered environment. Once you realize that you simply have too much stuff in your living space, you need to be proactive and seek to remedy the situation with decisive action.

Fortunately, there are tips you can use to quickly tame the chaos and bring some order to your household once more. So read on for some suggestions on how to rid your house hold of junk.

Bit by Bit

When it comes to getting rid of the junk, you need to do manageable sections rather than try to do everything in one go. So, for instance, you might want to go room-by-room to figure out what stays, what goes into the garbage and what goes to the thrift shop. If you follow this process, you’ll be able to strategically rid your home of junk – and you won’t overwhelm yourself by doing way too much in one go.

Yard Sale

If you’ve got a lot of nice stuff that you don’t want to throw out, you might want to hold a yard sale. Going this route will give you the opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff that, while in good repair, you simply don’t need or want. Parting with the excess while adding some money to your wallet seems like a good trade. And the end result will be a less cluttered household.


Online classified ad sites like eBay and Craigslist are great options if you’re up to selling some of your stuff online. It might be time consuming so you might want to limit your for-sale ads to the best of the stuff you no longer want. Then get rid of the rest by giving it away or dropping them off at a thrift store.


If your home lacks adequate storage space, you might way to add some or make the best of the storage space you already have. You don’t want to use your storage to hide your junk. Instead you simply want to be able to store your good stuff so that you can avoid the slightest appearance of clutter.

Haul it Away

At Gorilla Bins, we can haul off your junk for a nominal fee. Give us a call and we’ll bring a bin of whatever size you choose. Then you can load all your junk into the bin and we’ll haul everything away. This solution will give you a worry-free way to rid your house of junk.

There’s no reason to live surrounded by junk, so take the tips mentioned above and reclaim your personal space.

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