How to Effectively Organize Your Garage

If your garage has become cluttered with unused or unwanted things, you can make it look organized again. Think of how easy it could be to find what you need in your garage! Let’s be honest, every homeowner faces the cluttered garage scenario at least once, so it’s time to stop putting off cleaning it up. While it may seem like it will take a long time, it may be easier than you think. With the right storage and organization tips, you can effectively clean your garage and make it look like you’ve always wanted.

6 Steps for an Organized Garage

Tackling a garage clean-up can be done in one weekend if you know how to do it correctly. Here are 6 steps you should take to make cleaning your space easier:

  1. Have a plan of attack. Before you begin, you’ll need a cleaning strategy. Consider what you want to get done during the clean. What is your goal? Do you want to declutter, or are you looking to move everything out and install a new storage system? This step doesn’t need to take too long; just jot down your plans for cleaning your garage. Decide where you want to place the items that you are keeping, but be sure that you don’t take on a project that you won’t be able to finish. If you want to reorganize your entire garage, you’ll need to commit several hours to the task. Unless you are sure you have the time, it is better not to start. If you begin the job and then never finish it, you’ll feel defeated each time you look at your garage.
  2. Remove the garbage. Once you have a plan of attack, start by removing any garbage or unwanted items from your garage. To help you clear your space as you sort through your things, rent a dumpster bin where you can put the items you want to dispose of. Professional Toronto junk removal companies have various sized bins that can fit any job. The more clutter you can get out of your garage, the more space you’ll have to work with. It can also motivate you to work harder once you start to see some success. Another advantage to renting a dumpster bin is that you won’t need to sort the recycling from the garbage; the removal company will do it all for you. So, not only can you clean up your garage, but you’ll also help keep the environment clean by preventing your junk from ending up in landfills.
  3. Sort out your items. After you’ve taken out the garbage, clutter, and unwanted items from your garage, it’s time to sort what is left over. Create piles of related items so they can be grouped and stored together when it is time. For example, place sports equipment in one pile, tools in another pile, gardening items in another pile, and so on. When you are done with this step, each item will be in a pile.
  4. Put items away section by section. Using the plan you created in step 1 and the groups of items from step 3, start to put your things in the proper spaces by tackling one section at a time. For example, place your rake, shovel, and any other gardening tools in the same area. Don’t move onto another section until you have finished the one you’re working on. This tactic will help you stay focused and get the job done.
  5. Label it. Once you have all your belongings sorted into their own section of the garage, it is time to label your space. For items that you are hanging up, such as tools on a pegboard, you don’t need to label them. Other items that are going into storage bins or containers should be labeled so you can find them quickly when needed. For example, Christmas decorations can be placed in the same bin.
  6. Remove it. Once you have sorted, stored, and labeled your garage items, it’s time to say a final goodbye to the clutter you are removing. If you rent a dumpster bin, all you’ll need to do is call your professional removalist and tell them you are ready for pick up. Better yet, when you first rent the bin, set up a pick-up date so you have a deadline. Having a time constraint can motivate you to work faster on cleaning up and clearing out your garage. At Gorilla Bins, we will gladly come and collect your bin and unwanted items when you are finished. Our professionals will carefully haul the dumpster away. We’ll then sort through the items so they can be sent to the proper recycling facility.

Tips for Organizing Your Garage

There are several storage options that you can use to stay organized in your garage, such as:

  • Hooks for smaller hand tools or gardening tools
  • Large bins for sports equipment or toys
  • Ceiling hangers for bikes
  • Mounted rack for your shoes or other items
  • Pegboard for your tools
  • Toolbox or workbench
  • Locking storage cabinet for hazardous material
  • Plastic, stackable containers with lids

Depending on the size of your space, you can consider some DIY storage building projects, including:

  • Make your own shelves
  • Create an item holder from old plastic or glass jars
  • Use leftover nails or screws to build your own hanging rack

Once you’ve cleaned out your garage, you may want to add some finishing touches like new flooring, an updated paint job, wall panels, upgraded lighting, or convert it into a man-cave. 

If you’ve been looking at the clutter and junk piling up in your garage, now is the best time to do something about it. By getting organized, you may even find extra space in your garage to park your car! With some planning and a strategy, getting your garage cleaned and organized can be done in 6 easy steps. Stop putting off organizing your garage. Renting a dumpster bin will help you get started, reclaim your space, and remove all your unwanted items simply. You’ll also be able to feel good about being green, as Gorilla Bins recycles 100 percent of the items you toss in the bin. 

For more information about using a dumpster bin for your garage cleanout, call Gorilla Bins at 905-230-1300 or contact us here.

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