How To Clean A Garbage Container

There is nothing worse than a stinky garbage container, whether it’s in your house or outside. If you don’t want to be holding your nose when you open the lid of your garbage can, take note of these ways to clean your waste bins.

Sometimes Bleach is Best

Bleach is inexpensive and a definite cure for bacteria and nasty smells. If you’re cleaning the can you keep in the house, take it outdoors and rinse off any grubby bits with a hose. Get about a gallon of hot water to which you’ll add about a cup of bleach and a couple drops of dish soap. Put on some gloves before you take to scrubbing the can with a sturdy scrub brush. Make sure it has a long handle (a new toilet brush will do) so you can get right to the bottom of the can. Empty out all the dirty water, give it a rinse with the house and let it dry outside. Turning it upside down will make sure no dirt gathers in the can while its air drying. You can clean outdoor bins the same way.

The Baking Soda Method

Baking soda is well known for absorbing nasty odours, and there are none nastier than those coming from a dirty garbage container. A wet towel sprinkled with baking soda will make your trash can smell brand new. Glove up before getting in there with the towel. Once you’ve given the bin a good go over, rinse well and let it sit to dry. Pouring some baking soda into the bottom of the can once it’s dry and before you put in a new bag, will stop odours in their tracks.

Vinegar Works Wonders

With its acidic properties, white vinegar can both deodorize and sanitize your garbage container. Use the same washing method as described above. A gallon of warm water with a few drops of dish soap and about a cup of white vinegar makes an effective solution. Use a long-handled scrub brush to get the inside sparkling clean and smelling fresh again.

Keeping It Clean

There are things you can do to prevent unpleasant odours from emanating from your garbage container. Placing a dryer sheet on the bottom of the can will keep it fresh smelling for a while. By the same token, cat litter sprinkled in the can will absorb moisture and eliminate bad smells. Remove the litter and clean the bin every week for the best results.

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