How to Choose a Size When Renting a Garbage Disposal Bin

Do you want to clear out your storage room? Does your garage have too much junk? Are you planning on conducting a home renovation project? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you must be wondering what type and size of garbage disposal bin would be ideal for your needs.

Getting rid of waste is a necessary part of any home or business. While nearly every home has a disposal bin, many business owners rarely take the time to develop an efficient program for trash disposal. There are different types of bins for every industry requirements, so it’s important that you identify the right one for your home or business needs.

Construction Industry

Many contractors and subcontractors make the mistake of renting only one type of bin for the site, and expect all kinds of waste to be dropped there. The idea of mixing different kinds of trash together makes their disposal process very inefficient, which is unfriendly to the environment. The construction industry has many different kinds of materials that can be re-purposed or recycled in other areas, and simply tossing all construction waste in a landfill is extremely wasteful.

The easiest, and green, way to handle waste on a construction site is by having multiple disposal bins that are clearly labelled to sort different types of trash, as they are being tossed out. This simple step will ensure that reusable materials are reused/ repurposed, recyclable materials are recycled, and generally all waste is reduced with the minimal amount of effort.


Landscaping has a lot of waste that can be composted, but this does not mean that disposal bins should not be used. On the contrary, driveway-friendly bins can be a great addition to any landscaping project to collect any non-compostable waste.

The scope of any landscaping project is never the same, with landscapers working on properties of different sizes and varying terrain. But with the option to rent disposal bins, landscapers can ensure they have the right number and size of bins for any project to avoid any inconveniences of making frequent trips to the landfill.


Contractors in the roof repair and replacement business often have disposal bins nearby, but usually end up queueing at the local dump just to get rid of their trash after the work is completed. Roofing companies can save time and work more efficiently by simply renting a bin and getting the waste management company to handle the disposal.


Besides the usual trash from daily operations like cleaning and cooking, hotels also find themselves with other types of waste, periodically, such as old mattresses, old furniture, appliances, and electronic waste. To ensure that all these types of waste are recycled or disposed in an environmentally friendly way, hotels should get a regular disposal bin for daily waste, and schedule periodic waste removal as required throughout the year.

There are many other industries that could benefit from tailored disposal bins and services, so the best thing to do is talk to make the necessary preparations with a recognised company, like Gorilla Bins.

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