How to Avoid Conflict With Neighbours While Renting a Dumpster

Sometimes, neighbours can view your dumpster rental as a neighbourhood receptacle for their trash or cause strife if it begins to stink, and this can get pretty frustrating! If you are planning on renting a dumpster and you want to avoid conflict, use the following tips to keep it safe and secure on your property.

Scout Out the Right Location for Your Dumpster

Before ordering your dumpster, make sure to scout out the perfect location for it.

Instead of putting the dumpster right on your front lawn, try to find a less conspicuous location in your yard where it will not be in the forefront of your neighbours’ mind. If possible, place it in your backyard. If this is not possible, put it as close to your home as you can so you will not give your neighbours easy access to dumping their trash. The closer it is to your property, the less likely your neighbours are to trespass.

Your dumpster also needs to be placed where it won’t block traffic or take up any on-street parking. Off-street locations are optimal for your dumpster, but be prepared to give up your driveway or have it sitting on your front lawn. If you end up parking on the street, make sure you know the laws and get any permits necessary so you don’t end up with parking tickets. On the flip side, if the dumpster has to go on the street, make sure you have the appropriate permits and that the dumpster is in good repair when it arrives—people will be less likely to misuse it!

Wait to Order Your Dumpster Until Needed

Once you order a dumpster, they tend to come fairly quickly. If you order your rental dumpster before you need it, it will end up just sitting on your property, giving your neighbours the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it. Before you know it, you’ll have no more room for the items you are trying to get rid of. Instead, organize with the delivery company for when you actually need the dumpster and the best time for them to pick it up.

As well, if you properly coordinate your rental dumpster, you won’t have it sitting on your property, slowly eating away at your neighbours’ nerves. Planning correctly is optimal for you and for those you share your street with.

Order the Size that You Need

This may come as a surprise to you, but dumpsters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

You may be tempted to order an extra-large dumpster because you are not sure how much garbage you plan on throwing out, but this may just come across as an open invitation for the neighbourhood. Instead, think about ordering a small dumpster that won’t have as much room for your neighbours’ trash. Even if you end up emptying a smaller dumpster a few times, it will be worth it in the long run.

Opting for a smaller dumpster also takes up less space. In a neighbourhood where you have limited space or may have to have the dumpster on the road (potentially taking up parking spots), it will help you to avoid neighbourly conflict.

Think About the Appearance of Your Dumpster

Getting a dumpster rental, but also want to be neighbourly? One important thing you can do is think about its appearance.

You can help to offset some of your neighbours’ concerns (and keep them away) by maintaining the dumpster areas clean. This means that you should neatly place the items you intend to throw away in the dumpster as soon as possible. Schedule pickups and make sure that trash is not tossed on the ground. There is nothing more unattractive than an overflowing dumpster on your lawn, driveway, or street.

Consider Safety

When it comes to dumpsters, safety is a real concern, especially if there are children or pets in the area. When you’re shopping around for a dumpster rental, choose a dumpster that can be closed and locked when it is not being used. As well, don’t overfill the dumpster so that you end up having to stack items beside it while you are waiting for it to be emptied. Stacked items have the potential of hurting kids or pets if they decide to climb it. Check with your municipality, as some require barricades around dumpsters for added safety.

Renting a dumpster that can close or lock also discourages neighbours from trying to throw out their trash.

Keep Odours to a Minimum

Along with keeping your rental dumpster neat and organized, you need to do everything you can to keep odours to a minimum.

A good way of doing this is by putting household trash, especially food items, in the dumpster right before it is about to be picked up. Also, close the lid in wet weather, as building materials can become smelly if they begin to rot. This will keep the neighbours happy.

Keeping the lid shut also helps you ensure that your neighbours are not throwing their household trash in your dumpster.

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